Saturday, September 26, 2009

National Dollhouse Month- October & Red Ticket sale in store!

Well, we are having to have to make room for all of the boxes of large Bespaq I've brought in from the that means- you guessed it- A SALE! This will be our Red Ticket/Red Tag sale for the month of October. Since I have lowered the prices on many items, I am also, for the month of OCTOBER ONLY- taking layaways!! This special starts September 25th, and will go through until October 31st. You can layaway a variety of items, or one, but the total must be for $100+, and customer will have the month of October, until 10/31, to pay off their layaway. There will be no returns or exchanges for layaway items, and yes, you can layaway items from our rock bottom clearance table also!

I have a number of Bespaq 'vitrines' or curio cabinets, simply lovely, that the prices are lowered on also. Many of the smaller ones run about 15-161/2 inches high, which would make lovely china cabinets for your fashion dolls such as Tyler, Gene, Avant-Gardes, Sybarites, or MSD-sized BJD's. For the miniaturist, all the vitrines are great for displaying tiny collections or tiny 1:144th scale houses- we display a number of tiny houses for sale, along with artisan items, tea sets, etc. in the vitrines here in the store. Bespaq no longer makes these items, so they will certainly hold their value!

Our clearance table is comprised of large scale Bespaq items that have flaws, cracks, or damage that make them imperfect, so these are priced to move- many prices are BELOW wholesale cost. Items are still intact, but with the imperfections cannot survive shipment, so I am offering these to our customers, since many are quite lovely. One of these items is a 26 inch tall walnut armoire, beautifully lined with pink striped wallpaper, opening and shut doors & drawers.

I also have some wonderful miniature 1:12 scale shop items, such as darling little mannequins with Victorian dresses, Martha Porteaus Hats on hat stands w/ purses, and a variety of miniature shop furniture, including Bespaq also, with porcelain dolls.

NEWS ON OUR BESPAQ LARGE SCALE: We are now selling the large scale Bespaq items in SETS....check our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios in scales of 1:6, 1:4, and 1:3 the size of life!

Thank you for shopping with us!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Visiting the NASCAR races in Virginia? Then visit King William Miniatures 10 minutes away!!!

Yes, hubby will be sooooooooo relieved if you're attending with him....especially since we open at 8 AM on Saturday this weekend! And there's even more fun!

The races take place I think they might have started gathering at the racetrack yesterday. My shop is only 10 minutes away- and you can hear the race when it goes on! The constant rrrrrr of the engines at the track in the evening is an everyday thing. Since I know many people mainly gather at the campground/RIR Complex before and during downtimes-- why not visit us from 8 am to 5 pm and get 10% off your in-store total purchase??? And bring lots of dolly and dollhouse souveniers home!! This is the address and contact info of the RIR website at the fairgrounds, where the races will be taking place this weekend!

Also, we have FREE SHIPPING on many items of 1:12 scale listed in our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios Also alot of items are marked down such as Park Lane sets of Bespaq!

Looking forward to seeing everyone visit the shop!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New items uploaded with Free SHipping & 10% off IN-STORE

It is great to be back from Aztec, but taking all of the pics and also the inventory can be a BIG job for such a small shop! I uploaded alot of new items we have in store and also on our Ebay store Site- Pumpkin Hill Studios on Ebay- Check out our new catagories such as Garden, and 1:24 scale miniatures, I have received in alot of new furnishings, also some in the scale of 1:24 with free shipping!

Though I went with limited budget to Aztec, I found some beautiful artisan items, such as the Giraffe by Dolls, Dolls, Dolls! (we have only one of these left now!) and also some wonderful items by Prestige Leather. Speaking with Pit Ginsburg & his nephew Shawn is always a pleasure and feels like old home week, and I purchased a lovely 1/2 inch Bespaq red chinisoirie Baby house!Shown above are some of the items I purchased at Aztec show. We are continuing the 10% off in-store total purchase promotion thru the end of September! Visit our shop King William Miniatures & Collectibles, Suite B, 6114 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Va 23228 Tuesday thru Saturday 10-5pm and receive 10% off your total purchase. This does not apply to online orders or pickup orders ordered online.*
Our Special tea for the G.R.A.S.P. (Greater Richmond Area Scale Model People) BJD (asian ball jointed dolls) club hosted here at the shop on September 5, 2009 was a hit! We had a wide variety of dolls and their humans who attended and had tea and cookies and refreshments (mostly the humans who transported the dolls) and loads of picture taking and fun! Check out the forum Den of Angels for the balljointed community if you would like to discover more about these intriguing and special dolls! ( I am currently working on bringing one or two home to my own doll family!) I will be uploading some pictures soon of the meetup and the results of our Large Scale Bespaq rocking chair raffle held that day at 2 pm- Our winner for that day was Sarah Brady of Richmond, Virginia!
~Lisa Neault