Friday, May 18, 2012

Last day for shipping before Vacation! May 18th

Today is the last day for shipping orders before I leave out of town on May 21st thru May 26th!
I will be going on Vacation from those dates. Today is the LAST day for anything to be shipped to you. If you have an outstanding invoice, be aware today is the last day
for both USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground.

I will be available via Email and will still be listing auction items while I am gone, as well as sending invoices. My promptness on answering email questions may take longer,
so please be aware I not be able to answer questions quickly, and I will not be able to take in depth measurements of auction pieces, since I will not be near the stock, so please
read all descriptions carefully. Some info I will have in my notes, so I will be able to
answer those questions within reason.

Please remember our shipping policies on all large scale Bespaq items as well-
I DO NOT combine curio cabinets, hat vanities, the very large swan vanities, mirrors, or
pianos due to the size and fragility. Please do not try and circumvent these policies
if asking to combine items- be specific with what items you wish to combine when
emailing me, I will be able to give you a quicker answer as well as a realistic and accurate shipping estimate.

Upon my return, I will begin to pack those invoices that have been paid for, and send email reminders for those that are not paid. Please be aware, if I do not receive answers within a reasonable amount of time- or payment, unpaid item will be filed. I have had to do this more
thank I like, and like to give a reasonable amount of time such as 2 weeks or 14 business days for customers to pay for their items, but I cannot hold them indefinitely. All items that are packed and shipped will be going out on Tuesday, May 29th, after the Memorial Day holiday.

Ebay Auctions

I have had a number of items come in that are also in our Ebay store- such as the 1:4 scale Mahogany swan vanity and swan chair sold as a set with free shipping!
Ebay store

Thank you for your understanding during my absence!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Important info- Vacation settings on website & our Ebay store

Just a few of the items above on our current Ebay auctions in the large scale Bespaq!
As always Click HERE for our auctions. I currently have the 1:4 scale swan vanity and swan chair as a SET in our ebay STORE with free shipping.

I will be out of town on vacation May 20th thru May 26th.
If you need your order quickly, please DO NOT wait to pay ! My LAST shipping date is this week-
Before I go out of town.

Though the store will still be on vacation settings, you will still be able to place bids and orders, however, no orders will be shipped until MAY 29TH, Tuesday, until after the Memorial day holiday.
If you place an order while I am out of town, payments are still expected within 3-5 business days. I will still be posting auctions while I am gone, and answering email. Please bear in mind I may not be able to answer your questions in a quick manner as I usually do.

I currently am coming across many items I had thought we were out of stock on- such as the large 1:3 scale fireplaces, though they are in flawed/damaged condition. I am trying to process items everyday, so everyday about 10 new auctions go up, please be sure to check my auction link above frequently, for new listings as well as the Ebay store. My items in my Ebay store usually come with free shipping.

Thank you all for your business, and hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New auctions listed- important shop news- Vacation

Hi everyone. I have LOADS of new listings of the Large scale Bespaq in good condition, with some damage, or some flaws up in our Ebay store . I will be listing more each day, as I have alot of inventory to move! AND I have found some more of the 1:3 scale fireplaces! Below are some of the items listed today! Our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios & our website, King William Miniatures will be on vacation settings from May 21st thru May 26th. No orders will be processed or shipped since I will be out of town during that week, however, I will be processing orders and sending invoices since I will have my laptop with me, as well as uploading new listings, and answering email. As I will be out of town on business, please take in mind I may not be able to answer emails as quickly as I usually do, within an hour or that day. I thank all of my customers for their understanding on this.
Happy Bidding!~Lisa