Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bespaq chaise lounge & hat vanity listed..

New auctions added yesterday; these two items, the 1:4 scale Mahogany chaise lounge & hat vanity are ending on October 4th.  Link to our Ebay auctions is HERE both start out at low bids of $9.99!
Happy Bidding!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New auctions up ending Oct 1st & Oct 3rd...

New auctions up for 5-7 days, ending on Oct. 1st and Oct. 3rd...2 curio cabinets in walnut and mahogany, damaged swan chairs, and Edwardian armchairs- two in very good condition, no damage. Be sure to check our Ebay Auctions HERE
I will be listing more today!

Friday, September 23, 2011

More progress on the custom vanity...

Just a few pics to show the progress on the vanity custom piece I am working on. I have lined the vanity's drawer with blue silk. I am undecided right now to leave it with just the bottom lined, or to put ruching or the sides of the drawer lined as well. (I really hate to sew, so it would require me to stitch a long piece that is only about 1/2 inch wide or less, to make it look like I wish. blah, sewing.) lol.  I used the faux diamond necklace from the gown Ivy is wearing to show how the silk shows up in this piece...
On another note- the gold hat vanity stool is listed in our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios
with free shipping- look in our Custom Bespaq catagory or 1:4 scale Bespaq.
More pics as I work on the tassel embellishments.. I love how this item is coming along!

Custom Bespaq project....what I'm working on

On my workbench has been a custom project...I have adored French furniture with ormalu gilding, intricate carving, and the Louis XV and the Louis XVl  style for I decided to try my hand when I found the correct shade of gold. I have some books on french furniture, with the terms, history, and it is fascinating to read about. One of the most versatile pieces of the large scale Bepsaq is the swan vanity. This item is in 1:4 scale, shown with Ivy Jordan (15 1/2 inches high) With the mirror left out of the slot, the item turns into a petit bureau plat, or desk. I still have more details to do on this item, since the gilding is finished, such as lining the drawers, and adding some embellishments to the stool. In my spare time I have been trying to research the furniture in the palaces of Versailles, Rambouillet, Trianon, and the terminology they used for different pieces.

The gold vanity stool will be listed in our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios under the new catagory of 'Custom Bespaq' so look for the vanity soon, when I finish it. I will probably also attempt working on some armchairs and swan chairs as well, when I have finished this piece.
Also, don't forget our auctions on Ebay HERE currently running.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bespaq Louis XV Cabinet listed & Large scale Bespaq store items

Bespaq 1:4 scale Louis XV Curio cabinet damaged
September 20-27 auction 9.99 starting bid
Click HERE for auction link

These items listed in our ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios with FREE SHIPPING. Free shipping is only valid in the 48 continental states of the USA. Ebay store items are not combined with auction items.
Bespaq 1:3 scale swan vanity chair mahogany - $95.00
Bespaq 1:4 scale Mahogany French armchair- $85.99
Bespaq 1:4 scale Walnut french armchair- $85.99
Bespaq 1:4 scale Mahogany & walnut Victorian tea tables- $62.95
Look for these and other large scale items in our ebay store- but hurry, quantities are currently limited on these JUST LISTED items!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New items on auction 9/17-thru 9/24

Bespaq curio cabinet #1

 New items up today & yesterday. Going thru the stock, I was looking for some of these curios that were intact and immediately useable.  Bespaq at one time manufactured these wonderful curios for display of miniature porcelains, tea sets, with the antique doll collector in mind- I have a couple of these I use for my miniature tea set collections, and they are wonderful with the dolls in a tea setting.  Both curios are intact, with glass shelves and mirror back intact, as well.  Click HERE for our auctions.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New items on my Etsy store Pumpkin Hill Studios

I have listed some of my artisan creations onmy Etsy Store Pumpkin Hill Studios . First, is my Miniature 1:12 scale Steampunk Tea table and I have included here on my blog new updated pics! I made this item a couple of months ago, and meant to list it, but have to admit I was somewhat attached to it- it was the first time in a long time I had had time to honestly create in 1:12 scale again, and I loved the piece. Now that I have other artisan items I am working on, it is time for this item to be enjoyed by a collector. Price on the Steampunk miniature tea table is $49.99 plus shipping.
Item comes with the tea table, which has a birds' eye maple veneer tabletop, handlaid by me. Has a high gloss finish in keeping with the look for Steampunk. Copper tea cannister sits on a clear 'tank' with gears and 'hot boiling' water simulated liquid, does not open. A 'stream' of liquid comes out of the spout of the tea cannister and is poured into one of the teacups on the etagere, which holds pastries and teacups and a spoon on its acrylic clear shelves, with gears . Etagere, pastries, are also made by me. Accessories also include two glass cannisters with knives and forks glued, and three spoons loose to place as you wish on the table. The teacup holder has white teacups adhered to it, and is made by me as well with a gear base.
The Halloween Goofy Pumpkin Ornament is something I made recently, when experimenting with paperclay. I love love working with paperclay. The ornament comes with a 4 inch black ribbon that can be adjusted, attached to a brass loop ring on the top of the ornament. Bottom of the ornament also has a flat opening, so you can place the goofy pumpkin on a flat stick or dowel to place in a flowerpot, or within a pumpkin if you wish.
Ornament priced at $6.99

Enjoy the listings on my Etsy store- and bookmark me into your favorites, or add me to your circle- I will add you to mine! More nifty halloween items coming soon!