Saturday, October 29, 2011

New items on auction in 1:12 scale Bespaq!

We have alot of miniature 1:12 scale items, as well as 1:24 scales as well. I also am auctioning off some kit items such as a Santa porcelain doll kit by Petite People Plus, as well as some 1:12 scale Bespaq armchairs which are quite lovely, and are leftover souvenir stock from our Christmas Yuletide dinner event when our shop was open. I am also cleaning out my model horse magazines in two lots- one lot of magazines is from the United Kingdom and only available by subscription to the united states. It is about the same size as the old Nutshell News or American Miniaturists- only smaller. If you collect model horses, viewing the articles from the British collecting standpoint is quite interesting. I have one of my classic custom Arabians on auction as well.
Don't forget- here's the LINK
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LOADS of new auctions up ..ending Oct. 23rd & Oct. 25th

Loads of new items listed today- right now we have over 35 auctions running! That is so insane! Especially the LOW LOW bids on some of these new items!

1:12 SCALE- Mainly Bespaq- these three armchairs are lovely. Each one has two auctions of the same chair, one ending in 5 days, the oter 7 days!  Also, not Bespaq, but we also have some damaged miniature items that might be great for a custom project.
ARTISAN- Prestige Leather moccassins, as well as my own handcrafted custom Breyer Arabian mare with Arabian styled tack, all handbeaded and handbraided by me, Lisa Neault
Quarter scale ARTISAN- Warren Richardson's modern styled quarter scale (1:48) dining room table with chairs.

1:24 inch- I also have some general half inch furniture, some of these have free shipping on them!
Large scale Bespaq- we also have alot of tea tables, chairs, and other items in large scale both ending and newly listed- and intact, not broken, with low starting bids!
Check our AUCTIONS

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New items on auction! thru Oct. 18th

Newest auctions Click HERE  We have two auctions ending today, in a couple of hours.

Lots of dolls that I am clearing out of my collection- including Gene dolls! Also, great lots of Barbies, that are perfect for customizing- I need to move these dolls, to have space for new ones that are arriving. Currently this week, we have 34 AUCTIONS running- and I have some 1:6 scale Bespaq tables on auction and in the Ebay store as well! I will be listing more today as well!

Friday, October 7, 2011

New auctions- Bespaq and Barbie doll lots!

Click HERE for our auctions. New auctions of Barbie and friend dolls lots, and Bespaq 1:4 scale mahogany armchairs, flawed and damaged.
these auctions end 10-14-11

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New auctions up!

Click HERE for our current Ebay auctions!
My Sybarite, Slipper has finally arrived so now Sybarite owners can see how much these dolls enjoy the furniture by Bespaq! (My Slipper is already addicted to the chaise lounge and swan vanity- I have shown the flawed swan vanity here with her sitting on one of our vanity stools, available in our Ebay store.)
watch for more to be listed soon!