Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LOADS of new auctions up ..ending Oct. 23rd & Oct. 25th

Loads of new items listed today- right now we have over 35 auctions running! That is so insane! Especially the LOW LOW bids on some of these new items!

1:12 SCALE- Mainly Bespaq- these three armchairs are lovely. Each one has two auctions of the same chair, one ending in 5 days, the oter 7 days!  Also, not Bespaq, but we also have some damaged miniature items that might be great for a custom project.
ARTISAN- Prestige Leather moccassins, as well as my own handcrafted custom Breyer Arabian mare with Arabian styled tack, all handbeaded and handbraided by me, Lisa Neault
Quarter scale ARTISAN- Warren Richardson's modern styled quarter scale (1:48) dining room table with chairs.

1:24 inch- I also have some general half inch furniture, some of these have free shipping on them!
Large scale Bespaq- we also have alot of tea tables, chairs, and other items in large scale both ending and newly listed- and intact, not broken, with low starting bids!
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