Friday, February 24, 2012

New items in 1:6 & 1:4 scale on auction -3day auctions running!

These items listed yesterday on 3 day AUCTIONS this link goes to all of my ebay auctions. I am running 3 & 5 day auctions, some will be ending today or tomorrow. Here are some other items-

I was lucky enough to come across more 1:6 scale French tea tables in stock- as well as the 1:4 scale bijou tea tables- this one is flawed shown, and the 1:4 scale bergere chairs!

AS well as the 1:4 scale swan vanity chairs! This chair matches the swan vanity, and I have also shown how it works well with the Fashion Royalty dolls as a 'grand' palace chair or throne type chair.
I will be listing more Bespaq intact as well as flawed, currently going thru several boxes.
I also have other items I am selling to make room in our home- from my miniature reference library are resource books as well.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Customized Bespaq swan vanity on auction!

I finally finished this piece to my satisfaction, it is now up on Auction on Ebay. It has been embellished with gold leaf, and tiny rhinestone encrusted blue tassels hang on the handles to the drawer, which is lined with blue silk. One of the tassels come off , if you only wish one to be hanging on the drawer pull. This is a great piece, and I am beginning to do more custom pieces, so watch my auctions!
More items put up on auction-

We currently have 50+ auctions running at this time!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dolls and large scale Bespaq listed!

We have over 50 auctions listed right now! Click here to go to our auction link!
I currently have listed many items from my personal doll, dollhouse miniature, model horses, and Charming Tails collection up on Ebay at this time. Please browse them- all are listed, no matter how rare or NRFB, at low starting bids of $9.99 ! I am having to sort and clean out my collection to make way for more items on my wishlist; plus I need space! Here are some examples of what is on Ebay right now!

Plus, I have intact Bespaq in all scales up at these low bids as well!

As you can tell, I have a great many items listed...many dolls have already left the auction block. I am listing items daily as I sort thru the collection of dolls, and am now working on going thru props and accessories I no longer use, such as the adorably cute pincushion chair with fashion ladies in black and white on it. I also have some Avon rewards collectibles from my mother's collection- she was an Avon sales representative for over 20 years, and the small mice were rewards gifts for her reaching a certain monetary goal...great vintage condition, have only been on display in her display cases.
Thank you for looking!