Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dolls and large scale Bespaq listed!

We have over 50 auctions listed right now! Click here to go to our auction link!
I currently have listed many items from my personal doll, dollhouse miniature, model horses, and Charming Tails collection up on Ebay at this time. Please browse them- all are listed, no matter how rare or NRFB, at low starting bids of $9.99 ! I am having to sort and clean out my collection to make way for more items on my wishlist; plus I need space! Here are some examples of what is on Ebay right now!

Plus, I have intact Bespaq in all scales up at these low bids as well!

As you can tell, I have a great many items listed...many dolls have already left the auction block. I am listing items daily as I sort thru the collection of dolls, and am now working on going thru props and accessories I no longer use, such as the adorably cute pincushion chair with fashion ladies in black and white on it. I also have some Avon rewards collectibles from my mother's collection- she was an Avon sales representative for over 20 years, and the small mice were rewards gifts for her reaching a certain monetary goal...great vintage condition, have only been on display in her display cases.
Thank you for looking!

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