Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year who have followed our blog, our Ebay store & its auctions - to all of the wonderful customers and friends who have made our business such a blessing and joy each day this year. I couldn't have done it without you, my special customers, and your delight and enthusiasm for the products we offer. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Ebay auctions are still going, and some are ending on Christmas day, too! If your order has not been shipped, it will be ready for shipping on December 26th if the items are paid for.

Thank you- and Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

20% off Christmas sale in our Ebay store!

Hear ye, Hear ye! We are having a 20% off Christmas sale in our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios !

The sale starts today, December 18th and goes on thru December 21st! Select items in large scales of Bespaq- (1:6, 1:4, and 1:3 scales furniture) as well as some 1:12 and 1:24 scale dollhouse furnishings, building components, carpets and other items are all on sale.

I also have a ton of auctions of damaged furniture up as well. Click Here to go to our auctions on Ebay.

*NOTES ON SHIPPING--(Getting it in time for Christmas!)

If you order now, and need it for a Christmas present, you will need to contact me for an EXPRESS shipping quote. Be aware rush shipping is more expensive than priority mail or parcel post, but will be there BEFORE Christmas morning. Priority mail can take 5-8 days and parcel post will take anywhere from 10-14 days, in my experience.

Please DO NOT order and immediately pay for parcel post or priority mail if you need this for a present, I can only ship the USPS mailing feature you pay for; I have no control over the USPS postal shipping speeds.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ebay auctions listed today- 1:3 scale Louis XV armchairs

Some new Ebay auctions are listed- we got in a load of 1:3 scale walnut with gilt trim Louis XV armchairs, some with damage.

Right now we have 40 auctions listed, but 5 will be ending very soon. Also, we have more of the 1:3 scale French armchairs listed as well. Happy Bidding- we will be listing more each day, so please save that auction link!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Over 30 large scale Bespaq items on auction!

Our Ebay auctions and our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios

I currently have over 30 large scale Bespaq items as well as dollhouse miniature furnishings kits on Ebay auction right now- and I am busy listing more.

I have also just listed in the Ebay store in the 1:4 scale- walnut armoire and in the 1:3 scale American girl size furniture the walnut Victorian sidechair

Here are some of what has just been listed!

Thank you for shopping with us!

Monday, December 3, 2012

New Bespaq items listed on our Ebay auctions...

We also have some HO Passenger shelter train kits, as well as some dollhouse miniature lighting components on auction as well as the Chrysnbon furniture lot.
Click HERE to visit our auctions!

Friday, November 30, 2012

New Ebay auctions listed!

Our Current Auctions- Click HERE  for our Ebay store click here at Pumpkin Hill Studios

Here are some photos of the current items just listed to give you an idea - I will be listing more as I need to make room!

NOTE: Please use the Ebay shipping calculator by typing in your zip code to figure your shipping, remember- I ship Parcel Post, Priority Mail and UPS Ground. I am located on the East coast, so if you are in the Mid-West or located on the West Coast, Priority mail will be extremely expensive. So Parcel post or UPS Ground are your best options. If you have a PO Box, I cannot ship UPS Ground.

Here are the auction pics- included but not shown are also a 1:3 scale swan vanity as well as another curio cabinet...
Thank you for shopping with us!


Monday, November 26, 2012

our 40% off Cyber Monday sale!

We are having a 40% off Cyber Monday sale in our Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios !

The sale will be 40% off items such as our miniature dollhouse components, 1:12, 1:24 scales of dollhouse miniature furnishings, as well as our large scales of Bespaq! Many items are included in this sale!

Also, don't forget- we have a few auctions running too! Click HERE 

The sale starts today, just in a few hours. I had some trouble configuring the sale in our Ebay store, but it should be up and running.
News: Our new Christmas card is ready, and I already have a ton of these going out today to some of our customers who have shopped with us!

Thank you to everyone who has shopped with us, and Happy Shopping!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Walnut Bespaq 1:6 scale Victorian sideboard buffet

I have found some walnut Bespaq 1:6 scale Victorian sideboard buffet tables, as well as the full length Victorian mirrors in walnut. Only two so far, all are up on Ebay on Auction or in our Ebay store at Pumpkin Hill Studios. We currently have one of the mahogany victorian sideboards ending today, so check out the auctions! Here are pics of the walnut sideboard and mirror...

damaged walnut 1:6 scale Bespaq Victorian sideboard buffet table- 2 brackets are unglued from shelves on the sideboard, simple glue repair. this is on auction starting at $19.99 like the other two mahogany ones.

walnut 1:6 scale Victorian mirror, Bespaq, $29.99 in our Ebay store, 2 are available now

Bespaq 1:6 scale walnut Victorian sideboard buffet table- $59.99 in our Ebay store. Here you can see it set up for tea with the tea sets and Rement tea cakes, etc. (props are not included) This would also make an excellent shop display table for hats, perfume bottles, and mannequins too, with an old world elegance. No damage to this item- 1 available right now.
thank you for looking!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving large scale Bespaq sale Auctions!

In order to Give Thanks to all of our wonderful customers this year, I am having a Thanksgiving Sale on all of our large scale Bespaq- prices slashed at low starting bids of 1/2 & 1/3 off our Ebay store retail prices!

                                                        CLICK HERE to go to our
                           Ebay auctions now!

Currently on auction now are: 1:3 scale- Mahogany swan vanity, Walnut Victorian sidechair
1:4 scale- walnut & mahogany bijou tea tables, Round walnut tea table, mahogany swan vanity
1:6 fashion doll scale- walnut round tea table

Just a sampling of what is on auction at this time, starting today! Thank you for looking!

Monday, November 12, 2012

NEW! 1:6 scale Bespaq Victorian sideboard buffet

I have something very new for everyone in 1:6 scale! On ebay auction now at a very low starting bid of $19.99

A 1:6 Scale Bespaq Victorian sideboard buffet. Perfect for those teas, and a dining room or ballroom. Drawers to store silverware, linens.

I have two that have slight damage, simple glue repairs. They stand 8 1/2 inches high at the tallest point, 12 inches wide, 4 1/2 inches deep.

#1 - Has one bracket that has come off, needs glue repair. Auction ends in 5 days. I have shown it with a doll and tea & cake things to allow you to see what a great piece it is for display.

Auction #2 is on a 7 day auction. This item has both bracket pieces off, and one drawer is stuck.

Both of these items start at $19.99  click HERE for all of our auctions

and also a mirror in 1:6 scale as well!

the mirror is on a Buy It Now of $29.99 or best offer. It stands 14 1/2 inches high 8 inches wide at its widest point.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bespaq curios on Ebay!

I have some new auctions up , of items that I have found from when the shop was open in old stock. Cleaning up and Clearing out! Click HERE for our Ebay auctions.

This curio is a 1:4 scale walnut Bespaq curio , FLAWED, on Buy It NOw for $69.99
is in stable condition, look under Bespaq curios in our Ebay store

Other items were some unopened vintage N Scale train kits which I have put in two different auction groupings- one is a Pola N scale kits, and the other is two townhouse/shop kits.

The other curio is less damaged, the glass shelves have come out with their veneer edging of this curio.
Thank you for looking!