Friday, November 9, 2012

Bespaq curios on Ebay!

I have some new auctions up , of items that I have found from when the shop was open in old stock. Cleaning up and Clearing out! Click HERE for our Ebay auctions.

This curio is a 1:4 scale walnut Bespaq curio , FLAWED, on Buy It NOw for $69.99
is in stable condition, look under Bespaq curios in our Ebay store

Other items were some unopened vintage N Scale train kits which I have put in two different auction groupings- one is a Pola N scale kits, and the other is two townhouse/shop kits.

The other curio is less damaged, the glass shelves have come out with their veneer edging of this curio.
Thank you for looking!

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