Thursday, June 19, 2014

NEWS & Yard /Estate sale on June 21, 2014

We are having a yard sale of alot of collectible, items, especially in the miniature dollhouse sphere. I have been moving alot of my old shop stock at these yard sales as we are also moving alot of items from my mother's estate, a spring cleaning if you will. Click HERE for the Craigslist information Yard sale will be on June 21st at 8 am to 1 pm, and have a ton of miniature dollhouse 1:12 building supplies- Houseworks, Classics doors, windows, trims, etc. Wallpapers- $1 a sheet- Mini Graphics and Brodnax and more, miniature carpets, $3-10 each, Breyer barn with fence - $40 hard to find on this style as it opens from both sides.  Miniature dollhouse and doll magazines- $1 each- Dollhouse World, Dollhouse Miniatures, American Miniatures, Miniature Collector, Haute Doll and more. I also have 'surprise' $1 bins of miniature accessories, as well as miniature silk ribbon and organza trims for $1 each as well- perfect for creating doll clothing, or miniature bedding and drapes.

NEWS on our ebay store- Pumpkin Hill Studios on Ebay  I still have the ebay store, but no items are listed. I am holding back and deciding to take a break from the craziness that Ebay has become now. If you need any 1:3 or 1:4 scale Bespaq, or are looking for a curio, you may still Email me as I still have some of the larger items in stock, but no fireplaces, vanities, chaise lounges, very few chairs. I do have curios.

Here are some items that will be at the yard sale-

Friday, June 6, 2014

Bespaq 1:6 screen, 1:4 scale swan vanity- LAST ONES & Yard sale info

I currently have a Bespaq 1:6 scale Boudoir screen & a Bespaq 1:4 scale swan vanity  on fixed price buy it nows on ebay, each for $97  THESE ARE THE LAST ONES I HAVE IN STOCK!
Once they are gone, they are gone. The listings end on June 10th, 3 days from now, so get them while you can. Click on the listings above in blue and it will take you directly there.

to view info on our yard sale on June 7th, view the Craigslist add HERE

I have two assembled dollhouse structures- one a traditional scale Breyer barn for $40 with its original fence and posts, and a strawberry hill manor dollhouse that has had its interior finished with stairs but missing two roof pieces- $50 I also have a two story kit wing addition for $10 as well as DollsHouse World, Dollhouse Miniatures, and Miniature Collector magazines for $1 each

I am also putting out miniature ribbon and trims of silk and organdy and organza suitable for miniature dolls, or fashion doll clothing- each has about 24 inches of ribbon in each package $1 each. These trims are extremely hard to find and perfect for your pillows, curtains, and bedding for your dollhouse. I will also have dollhouse building components, windows, doors, window trims, as well as our $1 bin of miniature goodies.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pumpkin Hill Studios on Ebay store closing-more info

I have more news on PumpkinHillStudios , Our Ebay store closing. Though I had announced the ebay store would be closing on May 31st,  I am not going to be doing that. I have had to re-think my decision for several reasons, one of which is Ebay's new idiot policies of charging a $50+ fee to close an ebay store early.  This is something that is just giving money away to ebay right now, so it is easier to keep the store open and run a few auction or Buy It Nows with limited inventory on the Bespaq as I go through the remaining inventory. I have decided the best thing to do, considering this is to just downsize as much as possible until the store anniversary and go from there. We will be having a yard sale again this Saturday, on June 7th and I will have more items from my personal collection as well as a couple of assembled dollhouses I wish to move - a large Breyer horse barn traditional scale, as well as a partially finished Strawberry Hill manor house(finished on the interior but not the exterior) along with a strawberry hill wing kit still in its box. Stay tuned for more updates as I will still be advertising on Craigslist as well.