Thursday, June 19, 2014

NEWS & Yard /Estate sale on June 21, 2014

We are having a yard sale of alot of collectible, items, especially in the miniature dollhouse sphere. I have been moving alot of my old shop stock at these yard sales as we are also moving alot of items from my mother's estate, a spring cleaning if you will. Click HERE for the Craigslist information Yard sale will be on June 21st at 8 am to 1 pm, and have a ton of miniature dollhouse 1:12 building supplies- Houseworks, Classics doors, windows, trims, etc. Wallpapers- $1 a sheet- Mini Graphics and Brodnax and more, miniature carpets, $3-10 each, Breyer barn with fence - $40 hard to find on this style as it opens from both sides.  Miniature dollhouse and doll magazines- $1 each- Dollhouse World, Dollhouse Miniatures, American Miniatures, Miniature Collector, Haute Doll and more. I also have 'surprise' $1 bins of miniature accessories, as well as miniature silk ribbon and organza trims for $1 each as well- perfect for creating doll clothing, or miniature bedding and drapes.

NEWS on our ebay store- Pumpkin Hill Studios on Ebay  I still have the ebay store, but no items are listed. I am holding back and deciding to take a break from the craziness that Ebay has become now. If you need any 1:3 or 1:4 scale Bespaq, or are looking for a curio, you may still Email me as I still have some of the larger items in stock, but no fireplaces, vanities, chaise lounges, very few chairs. I do have curios.

Here are some items that will be at the yard sale-

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