Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lotsa Stuff Ebay Auctions July 29-thru August 6th!

I have LOADS of stuff listed- and once again I am cleaning out my doll display room- so am listing some odds and ends in miniature- components, dollhouse furniture, at 1.99-9.99 in small lots. Also, two RARE Xavier Roberts 'Little People' dolls that are 26-28 years old. Here we go-

Remember- our Auctions are at the same link!

Xavier Roberts BRONZE Edition cabbage patch girl- 'Hilaire Zeta' (adopted from JC Penney Toy department in 1985-86? at Regency Square shopping mall in Richmond, Va.)
Xavier Roberts BRONZE Edition cabbage patch boy- "Herbert Russell' (adopted directly at the main Babyland General Hospital 1983 in Cleveland Georgia)

damaged Bespaq
1:3 scale damaged french armchair
flawed display Bespaq
1:4 walnut hat vanity- intact, only two small cracks on front of mirror
1:4 scale mahogany rocking chair- one rocker needs glue repair intact

Breyer 'Spirit' Classics walmart model horse
miniature lot of 2 1:12 scale kitchen tables
Lemax lot of 2 battery powered flickering tree. unopened bag of autumn leaves

Designer homes staircase kit of 2 stairs 1:12 scale
Lot of 2 dollhouse components chimney roof and sheet plastic brick- 4 sheets 1:12 scale

We have also had new items come in that are in stock!

Miniature Collector Magazine September issue- $6.99 on sale now!
1:6 scale Houseworks componets- cross buck door and also traditional hung windows- in stock now!

Keep watch on our auctions- I am listing new and old items daily- many at low starting bids!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NEW Ebay large scale Bespaq auctions July 26-August 2nd!!

Hold onto your hats! I have about 20 new Auctions up and listed today- July 26 thru August 2nd! And guess what? Some of these are with FREE SHIPPING. How great is that- hard to find large scale Bespaq- some without damage- new, with a low starting bid and free shipping. Yeah, I really need room...........

This isn't all of them- some have been moved from store inventory onto auction. Some have damage- and some do not. On the newer pieces, such as the tea tables, and chairs, the starting bids are $19.99- still a low price way below the normal cost of the item in our Ebay store and on our website. Also, I have some 1:12 scale items on auction as well.
Stay tuned- more will be listed this week as well!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Ebay auctions ending July 28th

Currently up on our Ebay auctions  are a 1:3 scale Bespaq Edwardian settee, suitable for dolls 17-23 inches in height- shown here with American Girl Rebecca, who it is just period perfect for.
Hat vanity in 1:4 scale, walnut finish- only flaw is the mirror has come unglued from frame, has a couple of back thin frame pieces that need glue repair as well.
Broken mahogany 1:6 scale highboy........suitable for dolls 8-13 inches high, has two legs that need glue repair.
Will be adding more auctions soon!
Have a great weekend- and check out our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios & our main website King William Miniatures

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New auctions on Ebay 7/13 thru 7/20

We have alot of new auctions up, as well as store items in the larger scales of Bespaq.
In three to four hours, we also have some Ebay Auctions ending.

Here are the new ones-

damaged Bespaq Louis XV Curio cabinet, mahogany with gilt trim
#160619690570  low starting bid of $9.99 ends July 20
1:4 scale, measures 18 1/2 inches high

                                 damaged mahogany Bespaq armoire/wardrobe
                                       1:4 scale measures 18 inches high
                                            #360379812702 low starting bid $9.99
I have also listed a 1:3 scale Bespaq Victorian sidechair, intact, display #360379789158 which will end on July 20th as well.
On store items, I have listed with free shipping- 1:4 scale walnut Bergere chair, $99.00 perfect for Ellowyne .

Please keep watching my Ebay auctions, as I am going to be adding many many more large scale Bespaq items- I need room! My office, storage and spare room are full! So many of the large scale items will not necessarily be flawed, but in good condition with no damage.
Happy Bidding!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Ebay auctions up for week 7/6/11 thru 7/14/11

It has been a while since I posted here. Mattel has come out with some simply stunning dolls for 2011! (and I am pressed to add them to my collection as well- The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse is bursting to the gills with fashionable Barbies, as well as the W club.One of the most phenomenal male dolls that Mattel has come out with is the Mad Men series, such as Pete Draper. Here is Pete with our lovely Bespaq Queen Ann highboy in walnut, with my limited edition 1:6 scale leather Bespaq wingchair. I am well on my way to working on a study or library for Pete and the other Mad Men characters! Just a little 1:6 scale goodness to end the week--- and with our auctions, we have more in all scales on auction and just listed- see below!

Hey everyone! We have some new large scale Bespaq items up on our Ebay auctions 
Here they are!
1:6 mahogany Bespaq Victorian tea table flawed 160616215275

1:4 scale mahogany Bespaq french armchair flawed
160616215402 ends 7/14/11

1:4 scale damaged Bespaq hat vanity mahogany
360378450711 ends July 14

1:4 scale mahogany Bespaq hat vanity stool display
360378312485 ends 7/13/11

1:4 scale mahogany Bespaq rocking chair damaged
360378450726 ends 7/14/11

1:4 scale mahogany flawed Bespaq Bijou tea table
360378312455 ends 7.13.11

1:3 scale walnut Bespaq Edwardian armchair display
360378312477 ends 7/13/11

All items on 7 day auctions now, and low starting bids of $9.99 !!

Also, last but no least-- I have new stock in large scales listed! Here they are- most with free shipping to the continental 48 states of the USA.

Our Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios link is HERE
Walnut vanity stool 1:4 scale

Walnut highboy 1:6 scale
Mahogany highboy 1:6 scale
Mahogany screen 1:6 scale
Walnut French tea table 1:6 scale
Walnut fancy square tea table 1:4 scale
Walnut boudoir screen 1:4 scale
Mahogany armoire 1:4 scale
Walnut armoire 1:4 scale
I have also listed a walnut 1:4 scale hat vanity, to match the hat vanity stools. We also have them in stock in mahogany as well, as in 1:3 scale also. I am still going thru stock to see if we have intact 1:3 scale hat vanitys that will fit the 18-23 inch dolls.

Enjoy the auctions- and Happy Bidding! Don't forget to visit our website at King William Miniatures
and have a safe and happy weekend!