Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NEW Ebay large scale Bespaq auctions July 26-August 2nd!!

Hold onto your hats! I have about 20 new Auctions up and listed today- July 26 thru August 2nd! And guess what? Some of these are with FREE SHIPPING. How great is that- hard to find large scale Bespaq- some without damage- new, with a low starting bid and free shipping. Yeah, I really need room...........

This isn't all of them- some have been moved from store inventory onto auction. Some have damage- and some do not. On the newer pieces, such as the tea tables, and chairs, the starting bids are $19.99- still a low price way below the normal cost of the item in our Ebay store and on our website. Also, I have some 1:12 scale items on auction as well.
Stay tuned- more will be listed this week as well!

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