Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Ebay auctions up- Updates on Bespaq furniture

I have listed the square mahogany 'fancy' 1:6 scale Bespaq tea tables on Ebay- as well as Etsy and my website. Don't forget that you can order any of the large scales of Bespaq privately by Email me with your order if you dislike ordering thru Ebay, Etsy or websites. I am currently out of the 1:6 scale french tea tables I think, but have a ton of the 1:4 scale cheval mirrors in either Mahogany or walnut- $50 each. 

I am currently slowly getting on a catch up basis and have listed some items on auction and released the hold on the Ebay store listings- so you can now purchase, even though the Ebay store is still on vacation listings. Sometimes we just need time to 'breathe' from the stress and I was stressing over working on the commission work as well as orders. 

Here are some of the items newly listed-

Saturday, July 20, 2013

in stock lowered prices on Large scales of Bespaq- Private order info --->

Hi Everyone. I am putting my Ebay store Pumpkin HIll Studios ( on vacation settings so I can catch up on commission work.I am not going to be posting auctions as it is time and labor intensive- plus Ebay is giving me problems so I would rather sell at a flat price then dealing with auctions. IT IS IMPORTANT- You will have to email me privately when you see something you wisht o order. Prices are lowered because there will be no ebay fees to deal with- I will be invoicing thru paypal. Items should be paid for immediately upon ordering or if you need time please let me know and I can put the order aside. My email is However, I have configured my main website- King William Miniatures with pictures so you may order from me. All orders on the website will be by order inquiry via email. I am also going to be posting photos on my blog- with what is in stock as well . You can order by contacting me at my email addy with the item you are interested in- your name, your email I can invoice thru paypal for, and address so I can send you a shipping quote. GREAT NEWS- Prices on the furniture will be lower since there are no Ebay fees to figure in!!! DAMAGED Bespaq- I will be putting a low fixed price on these items and trying not to charge too much for shipping. This will cut down on shipping costs if I wrap the item and send it in its own box - such as mirrors in pieces, for example. I am thinking of $10 for damaged items depending on what they are- and how severe the damage is. flawed items may go for a little more. ITEMS IN STOCK NOW- 1:6 SCALE. MAHOGANY Highboy-now $60 was $99  photo 070611048.jpg round tea table- 6 inches high 9 inches wide- $25 plus shipping. These are available in mahogany or walnut-  photo 083011042.jpg Bespaq walnut bijou tea table-1:4 scale= $49 plus shipping. one of these left  photo 070611085.jpg 1:6 scale square mahogany tea table- $41 (just a few left)  photo 070913039_zps496a9aff.jpg 1:6 french tea tables in mahogany or walnut- $41 as well  photo 050813031_zpsb2d323f9.jpg 1:6 scale mirror in walnut $45  photo 080511005.jpg 1:4 scale cheval mirror- $50 these are in walnut and mahogany  photo 071113002_zps8ad97093.jpg 1:4 scale hat vanities- I have these in stock in walnut (picture is of one in mahogany- might possibly have this finish also) Note- some of these may have damage so I am still going thru them to assess those damages- so prices will vary accordingly. QUANTITY is LIMITED- ONLY A FEW LEFT of these They normally go for $120 but I am going to be cutting the price on these to half of that- about $55-70 depending on their condition.  photo 031611005.jpg In 1:3 scale I do have some swan vanities left- which if in good condtion I will sell for $65, as well as 1:3 scale Victorian sidechairs Remember I will respond immediately via email at Please sign up for my blog newsletter and my website as I will be updating those two more regularly- on a daily & weekly basis as I go thru the remaining large scales of Bespaq stock! Lisa King William Miniatures- BLOG-

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Large scale Bespaq items available on our website-

I have items available on our website, and have been working to put more. It is slow going as I configure pictures and work with the software that has been upgraded. However, I figured to get items to you- you can always Email me to inquire to order what I currently have in stock. 
Our main website is- King William Miniatures  and our Ebay store is Pumpkin Hill Studios

Currently in stock are some 1:6 scale Bespaq tea tables which I have in stock.

Link to our 1:6 scale Bespaq King William Miniatures page- all tea tables are $41.95 when contacting me with your order, include your name, address with zip code (if international - country and province) as well as your paypal email address so I may invoice you with the shipping quote. Payment is due upon order, within 3 days or order will be canceled. I ship immediately upon receiving payment. If ordering multiple items, please allow some items are too large to be combined such as Vanities, curios, mirrors.

Both french tea tables are avilable in walnut or mahogany finish. 

*Also, I am the original dealer of all large scales of Bespaq. My prices are reasonable since these items are no longer manufactured by Bespaq International corporation. *

Thank you! I am currently looking for items to list in our Private Auctions I will be running soon- stay tuned on our blog & main website!~Lisa

Sunday, July 14, 2013

King William Miniatures website & blog private auctions starting soon!

I am in the midst of configuring the website with current photos of items in stock as well as creating a page for damaged/flawed items with more in depth photos of those items HERE in this blog.

I have also configured this blog so you may follow me by email. Why am I going to be starting private auctions off of eBay you ask?

I have had recently in the last two to three months, many problems that I have never , ever had in my whole 7 years of selling on Ebay. People who buy items and then leave negative, neutral feedback or worse, open a case without contacting me and letting me know of the problems- hey I'm good but I'm not a mind reader. For this reason, like many other doll artists and retailers, I am going to give notice now to all of my fabulous customers, that I will continue auctions occasionally but not as heavily as I have in the past. I am going to try and have more control over who buys from me. 

For this reason, I will post photos on a special page of my website King William Miniatures
of current items on auction. They will have clear titles and numbers. I will state in the description when the item ends- usually at midnight is when the auction will end. Auctions will run 3-5 days, probably Monday thru Wednesday or Friday. Indepth photos of damaged items will be placed here. 

The way it will work- Email Me with your name, email address, mailing address, as well as your maximum bid or your bid, if you wish to do it one at a time. I will email you a confirmation that your bid has been accepted and if you have been outbid. All auctions will end at midnight Eastern time . On our auction items- I will need references- whether this is a link from your Ebay id, Etsy feedback, or dollpages, or if you have the recommendation of one of my regular customers that will work too, with your contact information. I WILL CHECK REFERENCES. 

It is important you sign up here for following the blog, as well as following it by email, as I will update the bid activity under each item here. I will email you if you are outbid on an item. Bidder's names and id's will NOT be posted. This keeps it fair for everyone. 

On our website, King William Miniatures, since I have had so many problems with the shopping cart- I am going to be posting photos of the items I have in stock and please email me if you wish to order. 

Invoicing for all in stock and auction items will be invoiced thru paypal with shipping via USPS Priority mail, parcel post, and in some cases, UPS Ground. It is important you let me know which shipping option you prefer when you contact me with your order or bid!

Be aware, if an item arrives with damage, please contact me I will attempt to help in any way. Auction items are no refunds or returns, just like Ebay. 
I do not combine shipping on large 1:3 scale items- vanities, mirrors, curios, are all too large to combine and fragile as well. 
If you wish to bid on several items- please state each one seperately with what amount you want to bid up to example: Louis chair- $10 bijou table- $20 and so on. 

Also, I would love it if everyone interested in private short auctions would email me to let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Thank you for following me on my blog! 
~Lisa of King William Miniatures & Pumpkin Hill Studios on Ebay

Friday, July 12, 2013

25% Off sale July12-16 in our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios!

I having a 25% off sale on all fixed price listings in my Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios don't forget to also browse our eBay Auctions too!

Here are some of the large scale Bespaq items listed-

1:3 scale French armchair
1:4 scale cheval walnut mirror

1:6 scale mahogany square fancy tea tables- plus more!
Quanities are limited on some items, so shop while they are still in stock!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Large scale Bespaq items in the Ebay store & Auction

I have listed a ton of large scale Bespaq in 1:6, 1:4 and 1:3 scales this morning & afternoon. You will be happy to know that alot of the items are in good condition so are listed in the Ebay store, others, are on auction.
don't forget- our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios is at that link and our Ebay Auctions 

For those of you checking out our main website King William Miniatures I am having a hard time getting the website cart/checkout to work. So I am going to be posting pics soon on the website as soon as I can configure it- and customers can email me for the items they want, and I will send a Paypal invoice with shipping. 
Be sure when emailing me from the website with the title of the item you want, finish, scale, and price and item number, as well as your name, email addy and zip code. there are some countries I will not ship to because of cost and restrictions.
Now on with the items just listed today-

1:3 mahogany french armchair fixed price $95

1:4 walnut Edwardian settee on auction 9.99

flawed 1:4 walnut hat vanity- missing a handle on drawer 19.99

1:4 Cheval mirror available in mahogany or walnut, 99.99

1:6 scale mahogany fancy square tea table 49.99

Thirty one 'Room for Two' utility bag, on auction 19.99 with tags, regularly retails for $60

     flawed 1:6 walnut Bespaq door, with doorknob glass panel on auction 9.99

plus more has been listed in the ebay store!Thank you for looking!

Friday, July 5, 2013

New large scale Bespaq items listed on ebay auction..

New items listed on our Ebay auctions 
Don't forget to visit our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios

I have listed two more Louis XV armchairs in 1:3 scale Bespaq, both have damage, these two are on three and five day auctions.
As well, I have been going thru my collection items put away and found an Xavier Roberts Cabbage Patch 'Bunnybee' with its tags still attached! He has a few spots on him but his antannae are intact as his little blue bow. 
Also, I have some craft ribbon, unusued in red velvet, great deal as I am just trying to move some items that are taking up space.
Going thru my closets I found my shoe collection. For those of you who don't know, I used to be a passionate shoe collector- so my shoes are in mint condition- some like the ballet stilettos were not eve worn!(these are Colin Stuart, and the ribbons wrap around your ankles like toe slippers) as well as a pair of Colin Stuart snakeskin mules/slides. Both come with their original boxes and wrappings- size 8.
I also have a Hallmark Wizard of Oz 'Horse of a different color' ornament as well that was on display and never used. Check out my other auctions as I also have an Avon Images of Hollywood Judy Garland as Dorothy statue- bothof these items are low prices!
******lowered prices on some auction items relisted**********************
alot of the Fantasia Princess House items have had their prices lowered- so you can be getting replacement cups or goblets for as low as $5-6 dollars! 

I also have the Avon Provencal 11 piece cookie jar set, with lids, utensil jar, sugar bowl and creamer and salt and pepper shakers in mint condition ending today at $9.99!!!!!!!!
After today, I will be listing this item in my Ebay store at full price, so this is the last few hours on this Auction

Another great item I forgot to mention was a Wilton Butterfly solid copper cookie cutter- with tags still attached! Would be a great addition for anyone who loves to bake!
Shop now while the bidding is low!