Saturday, July 20, 2013

in stock lowered prices on Large scales of Bespaq- Private order info --->

Hi Everyone. I am putting my Ebay store Pumpkin HIll Studios ( on vacation settings so I can catch up on commission work.I am not going to be posting auctions as it is time and labor intensive- plus Ebay is giving me problems so I would rather sell at a flat price then dealing with auctions. IT IS IMPORTANT- You will have to email me privately when you see something you wisht o order. Prices are lowered because there will be no ebay fees to deal with- I will be invoicing thru paypal. Items should be paid for immediately upon ordering or if you need time please let me know and I can put the order aside. My email is However, I have configured my main website- King William Miniatures with pictures so you may order from me. All orders on the website will be by order inquiry via email. I am also going to be posting photos on my blog- with what is in stock as well . You can order by contacting me at my email addy with the item you are interested in- your name, your email I can invoice thru paypal for, and address so I can send you a shipping quote. GREAT NEWS- Prices on the furniture will be lower since there are no Ebay fees to figure in!!! DAMAGED Bespaq- I will be putting a low fixed price on these items and trying not to charge too much for shipping. This will cut down on shipping costs if I wrap the item and send it in its own box - such as mirrors in pieces, for example. I am thinking of $10 for damaged items depending on what they are- and how severe the damage is. flawed items may go for a little more. ITEMS IN STOCK NOW- 1:6 SCALE. MAHOGANY Highboy-now $60 was $99  photo 070611048.jpg round tea table- 6 inches high 9 inches wide- $25 plus shipping. These are available in mahogany or walnut-  photo 083011042.jpg Bespaq walnut bijou tea table-1:4 scale= $49 plus shipping. one of these left  photo 070611085.jpg 1:6 scale square mahogany tea table- $41 (just a few left)  photo 070913039_zps496a9aff.jpg 1:6 french tea tables in mahogany or walnut- $41 as well  photo 050813031_zpsb2d323f9.jpg 1:6 scale mirror in walnut $45  photo 080511005.jpg 1:4 scale cheval mirror- $50 these are in walnut and mahogany  photo 071113002_zps8ad97093.jpg 1:4 scale hat vanities- I have these in stock in walnut (picture is of one in mahogany- might possibly have this finish also) Note- some of these may have damage so I am still going thru them to assess those damages- so prices will vary accordingly. QUANTITY is LIMITED- ONLY A FEW LEFT of these They normally go for $120 but I am going to be cutting the price on these to half of that- about $55-70 depending on their condition.  photo 031611005.jpg In 1:3 scale I do have some swan vanities left- which if in good condtion I will sell for $65, as well as 1:3 scale Victorian sidechairs Remember I will respond immediately via email at Please sign up for my blog newsletter and my website as I will be updating those two more regularly- on a daily & weekly basis as I go thru the remaining large scales of Bespaq stock! Lisa King William Miniatures- BLOG-

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