Thursday, December 17, 2009

50% OFF IN-STORE SALE December 19-24!

We are having a HUGE in-store SALE with everything 50% off our regular retail prices. Visit us starting December 19th, for when this great sale begins! No, we're not closing, just getting ready for the new stock coming in 2010!!

Until then, check our our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios, for our current new catagory- 1 DAY ONLY SALES! Currently listed are 1:6 and 1:4 scale Bespaq Victorian tea tables, with FREE SHIPPING! These sales change, and last only 24 hours- if the items do not sale, the listings are ended and NEW ones listed in this catagory. We are also offering until December 19th- $10 off select items in the Ebay store- so head on over to our store link and shop! I will have more sales listed during Christmas week for those that cannot make it to our in-store special.

Shipping deadlines: to receive by Christmas Day=-

USPS - First class & Priority Mail- December 23

UPS ground- December 19th.

Please visit the shop on Christmas eve- we will have Christmas music, coffee or tea. Drop by with your projects you may need advice on, or if you need to order that special item, we can. Come by and share our wonderful hobby, whether dolls or dollhouse miniatures, and celebrate Christmas at your favorite miniature & doll shop with us! If you have not yet received our Christmas card- come in and ask for one- the 1:6 scale scene took me up to 40 photos until I had one that looked like what I was going for- Santa having everyone at the department store waiting in line to tell what they wanted for Christmas, with all of the moms dressed in their best, and Santa's helpers standing ready to offer a present or a piece of candy after you told your wishlist. Shown above are our two cards this year, one in 1:12 scale, and the 1:6 scale scene.
We hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, & Have a Happy New Year also!
Thank you all for your support and encouragement, we could not have accomplished anything this year without you, our customers and fans! In the words of Tiny Tim, -
'God Bless You Everyone!'

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Miniature Magazines in Stock!

We now have Miniature Collector JANUARY 2010 issue and American Miniaturist December 2009 IN STOCK! Check our store on Ebay Pumpkin Hill Studios or our website,
We are also extending our FREE SHIPPING on both sites for the holidays. Since we are still undergoing reconstruction of the website, if you cannot order, please email me at or and I will be more than glad to invoice you through Paypal, or take your order by phone. I am in the shop Tuesday thru Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm and our Toll Free shop number is:
877-860-MINI (6464)
Chris, Amanda & I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We certainly did, plus traveled to Williamsburg for Saturday and Sunday and are completely pooped.
Our Christmas cards will be going out soon, so please email me if you would like to join our list!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday special 50% off in-store in my shop!

Hi Everyone. Just a quick posting here on to let everyone know that IN-STORE TODAY- BLACK FRIDAY- we are offering 50% off all items- 7 am to 7pm!!!

The only thing this excludes is our custom built Mt. Vernon and our one of a kind Bespaq items.

ALSO- online FREE SHIPPING on our website, & in our Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios !!!

This is our thanks to you, our customers. Our 50% off in-store sale is our way of not only making room for the new stock for the year 2010, but our thank you to all who have made our brick and mortar store possible this year- we couldn't do it without you.

Reservations still can be made for the Yuletide Gardenfest of Lights Tour & dinner event at our website- held on December 6th, 2009, from 5-9 pm at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, includes dinner buffet style, ticket to see the lights at the gardens ( ) and 50% off one regular priced item shopping coupon with private shopping back at our shop one block south of the gardens, refreshments, and a free raffle ticket for those attending for the raffle prize! go to our website to make your reservations now! Deadline is November 30th, 2009

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving !


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas cards finished!

I have loved designing the Christmas cards each year for King William Miniatures customers- I love old fashioned traditions and one of them is receiving cards at Christmas. One of the saddest things about the economy today is beautiful traditions sometimes falling by the wayside because of inflated costs- such as postage, etc. I set aside a budget for our mailing list each year, because our Christmas cards are a labor of love for our Customers, friends, and my customers are both to me.

This year's design took me a while and I wanted it to be a scene full of activity. Our 1:12 scale scene is done, but this year I am doing another card for the 1:6 scale, using some of our Bespaq furniture, including my custom wingchairs I have designed that Bespaq manufactured for our company. If you would like to receive one of the cards this year, please email me through the blog, and I will put you on the list.

The scene this year is Santa in the department store, it is roughly from the 60's, with the lady all dressed up who gives you your gift, after sitting on Santa's lap and telling him your 'list'. There are two rowed off areas, one has an exit sign, where the child receives their gift upon leaving, and the other has a sign that says, 'Line starts Here'. Happy mothers and shoppers stand behind the cordined off area watching the children's delight, and Career girl Barbie makes sure the line keeps moving. Poppy Parker Pillow Talk is dressed in Christmas Barbie 1988's gown and gives out the gifts as the children exit. McDonald's Kelly sits on Santa Ricky's knee to tell her wish list. Shoppers and moms watching are HIghland Fling Silkstone Barbie dressed in vintage coat and sheath; Grandma Barbie holds Sunshine Family baby Steven in her arms, Reluctant Debutante Poppy Parker, Body Double Veronique in moods collection coat and hat; and Agnes Von Weiss Concerto in M in Fashion Editor Sheath and hat complete the onlookers. Toys are a combination of Rement, and ornaments & barbie accessories; Tree is from Family dollar. Oriental dollhouse carpet is carried in our shop and online, as is the custom Bespaq burgundy wingchair, and French tea table, also Bespaq. Roped posts are made of dollhouse bulstrades painted with gold rub n' buff, and mounted on balsa, with a scrap of trim gilt glued from post to post. Santa's 'Nice' list includes names of my friends and family, with my stepdaughter Amanda's name at the top.

Enjoy the pictures, and I hope you look forward to receiving one of these cards this year!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sign up for our newsletter...

We are currently working on creating a newsletter that is mailed to our customers, our newsletter will have the newest updates, some free tips and tricks, maybe a printie page of cut-outs, and different doll and miniature news. If you would like to be on our newsletter mailing list- just email me at with your name and address, & email addy also if you would like to b eon our email newsletter also. We are endeavoring to keep our customers as much in the know on our shop, website, and fan page on Facebook and here with our store blog also. The newsletter will probably go out to begin with a few times per year, and we hope that our customers will appreciate the personal touch.

Please check out our website- as I have been working hard to make it more user friendly for customers- with easy to find catalog pages. I am currently re-vamping the listings for the large Scales Bespaq, in an attempt to get the scales correct for the correct sized dolls, so please bear with me.
Shown above is the miniature 1:12 scale Bespaq miniature armchair that is our exclusive souvenir gift when you make your reservations for our Yuletide Gardenfest Light Tour & dinner at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens on December 6th, 2009. Reservation deadline is November 30th. I am pleased to announce you can now make your reservations on line at our website, either for single ticket ($135) or for a couple ($199) Each reservation includes dinner buffet style in the Robins Room, ticket to see the lights at the gardens that evening, and then refreshments with private shopping back at our shop, 50% off coupon on regular priced item $25 & above, Bespaq souvenir gift wrapped, and ticket for the raffle prize. Reservations are going quickly, so we hope you will join us that evening. You can also call the shop to make your reservations by phone if you wish, toll free at 877-860-MINI (6464).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Large Bespaq is SD-sized for BJD's....

Yes, I have some pics of the largest Bespaq we have in stock, finally, with pics of an SD-sized BJD- a guest here at the shop by the name of Darla. My friend Suanne graciously has allowed her to stay here, and model at the shop. Darla is an Elfdoll Sooah, 60 cm, (or 23 inches tall).

This furniture is in our shop at King William Miniatures, and please bring your dolls to try it out! We also have MSD sized furniture. One is of our largest piano we carry, which we are very low on stock in. Enjoy the pics!

Friday, October 16, 2009

October is National Dollhouse Month!

October is National Dollhouse Month! And we have got some deals in-store & on our Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios

Halloween is here again- and time for your dolls to get spooked! Try getting them ready for their party time with this Customized Bespaq Haunted Hat Vanity- complete with accessories! Accessories include: spider webbing- 3 masks, 4 aged & yellowed leather blank books- one with a metal spider 'weaving' its web on the book cover! Also, a pumpkin and mini telephone! Hat vanity has been aged with black wash over its mahogany finish. We also have other scale dollhouse items on auction in 1:12 scale, too, check out our auction link:
Also, be sure to shop our Park Lane Bespaq sets with FREE SHIPPING! We are also offering FREE SHIPPING on some of our Premiere Bespaq in honor of National Dollhouse Month.
IN-STORE LAYAWAY NOW AVAILABLE! We are offering in-store layaway for our customers. This cannot apply to online simply because of space considerations in our shop. Layaways can include sale items, but ALL SALES final on layaways. Layaway totals must add up to $100 or more, and be paid for in-store by December 15th, or payments are forfeit. We hope this will give everyone a chance to make their Miniature & Doll wishes come true, with minis under the tree! Layaway is available now until December! Call us toll free for info- 877-860-6464
Hope to see you visit the shop!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

National Dollhouse Month- October & Red Ticket sale in store!

Well, we are having to have to make room for all of the boxes of large Bespaq I've brought in from the that means- you guessed it- A SALE! This will be our Red Ticket/Red Tag sale for the month of October. Since I have lowered the prices on many items, I am also, for the month of OCTOBER ONLY- taking layaways!! This special starts September 25th, and will go through until October 31st. You can layaway a variety of items, or one, but the total must be for $100+, and customer will have the month of October, until 10/31, to pay off their layaway. There will be no returns or exchanges for layaway items, and yes, you can layaway items from our rock bottom clearance table also!

I have a number of Bespaq 'vitrines' or curio cabinets, simply lovely, that the prices are lowered on also. Many of the smaller ones run about 15-161/2 inches high, which would make lovely china cabinets for your fashion dolls such as Tyler, Gene, Avant-Gardes, Sybarites, or MSD-sized BJD's. For the miniaturist, all the vitrines are great for displaying tiny collections or tiny 1:144th scale houses- we display a number of tiny houses for sale, along with artisan items, tea sets, etc. in the vitrines here in the store. Bespaq no longer makes these items, so they will certainly hold their value!

Our clearance table is comprised of large scale Bespaq items that have flaws, cracks, or damage that make them imperfect, so these are priced to move- many prices are BELOW wholesale cost. Items are still intact, but with the imperfections cannot survive shipment, so I am offering these to our customers, since many are quite lovely. One of these items is a 26 inch tall walnut armoire, beautifully lined with pink striped wallpaper, opening and shut doors & drawers.

I also have some wonderful miniature 1:12 scale shop items, such as darling little mannequins with Victorian dresses, Martha Porteaus Hats on hat stands w/ purses, and a variety of miniature shop furniture, including Bespaq also, with porcelain dolls.

NEWS ON OUR BESPAQ LARGE SCALE: We are now selling the large scale Bespaq items in SETS....check our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios in scales of 1:6, 1:4, and 1:3 the size of life!

Thank you for shopping with us!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Visiting the NASCAR races in Virginia? Then visit King William Miniatures 10 minutes away!!!

Yes, hubby will be sooooooooo relieved if you're attending with him....especially since we open at 8 AM on Saturday this weekend! And there's even more fun!

The races take place I think they might have started gathering at the racetrack yesterday. My shop is only 10 minutes away- and you can hear the race when it goes on! The constant rrrrrr of the engines at the track in the evening is an everyday thing. Since I know many people mainly gather at the campground/RIR Complex before and during downtimes-- why not visit us from 8 am to 5 pm and get 10% off your in-store total purchase??? And bring lots of dolly and dollhouse souveniers home!! This is the address and contact info of the RIR website at the fairgrounds, where the races will be taking place this weekend!

Also, we have FREE SHIPPING on many items of 1:12 scale listed in our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios Also alot of items are marked down such as Park Lane sets of Bespaq!

Looking forward to seeing everyone visit the shop!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New items uploaded with Free SHipping & 10% off IN-STORE

It is great to be back from Aztec, but taking all of the pics and also the inventory can be a BIG job for such a small shop! I uploaded alot of new items we have in store and also on our Ebay store Site- Pumpkin Hill Studios on Ebay- Check out our new catagories such as Garden, and 1:24 scale miniatures, I have received in alot of new furnishings, also some in the scale of 1:24 with free shipping!

Though I went with limited budget to Aztec, I found some beautiful artisan items, such as the Giraffe by Dolls, Dolls, Dolls! (we have only one of these left now!) and also some wonderful items by Prestige Leather. Speaking with Pit Ginsburg & his nephew Shawn is always a pleasure and feels like old home week, and I purchased a lovely 1/2 inch Bespaq red chinisoirie Baby house!Shown above are some of the items I purchased at Aztec show. We are continuing the 10% off in-store total purchase promotion thru the end of September! Visit our shop King William Miniatures & Collectibles, Suite B, 6114 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Va 23228 Tuesday thru Saturday 10-5pm and receive 10% off your total purchase. This does not apply to online orders or pickup orders ordered online.*
Our Special tea for the G.R.A.S.P. (Greater Richmond Area Scale Model People) BJD (asian ball jointed dolls) club hosted here at the shop on September 5, 2009 was a hit! We had a wide variety of dolls and their humans who attended and had tea and cookies and refreshments (mostly the humans who transported the dolls) and loads of picture taking and fun! Check out the forum Den of Angels for the balljointed community if you would like to discover more about these intriguing and special dolls! ( I am currently working on bringing one or two home to my own doll family!) I will be uploading some pictures soon of the meetup and the results of our Large Scale Bespaq rocking chair raffle held that day at 2 pm- Our winner for that day was Sarah Brady of Richmond, Virginia!
~Lisa Neault

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back from Aztec trade show!

I am back from Aztec trade show in Aurora, Ohio! I had loads of fun, as this was my first trade show! Above are just a sampling of the pics of items I purchased, and more are coming!
Shown above: Bespaq Biltmore dining room suite, giraffe by Dolls, Dolls, Dolls, fat santa doll kit by Elaine Kothe of Petite People Plus (her son Robert Kothe is our website provider- DFK Enterprises -Market America) leather moccasins & saddle tree and western saddle by Prestige Leather, 1:12 scale!
Going on NOW until September 5, 2009 is our 20% of select 1:12 scale Bespaq, in Premiere & also our Park Lane Bespaq sets! Check our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios this sale will not last long, and we are making room for more new items coming in!
Also- 10% off total purchase IN-STORE at our REtail shop location, King William Miniatures at Suite B, 6114 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, Va 23228 877-860-6464 (MINI) OPEN 10 am to 5pm.
We are also hosting a dolly BJD (Asian Ball Jointed Dolls) meetup 'tea' on Saturday, September 5, 2009 from 12 noon until 5? pm with the G.R.A.S.P. (Greater Richmond Area Scale People) doll club. Come join us, and shop on the last day and meet other doll collectors!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Item in our Premiere Bespaq line that have arrived....

We have had some wonderful new items arrive from Bespaq, in the Premiere line. They are currently available on our Website, our Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios The first is the Chesterfield sofa set, 4 pieces, upholstered in a soft black leather, with new walnut finish, this is sold as a set. The next is Bespaq's 'Rochelle' ladies' desk set, with a rich mahogany finish and gilt trim on the desk and chair. Finally, the 'McComber' faux bamboo bedroom suite, this can be sold as a set, or individually if you prefer. Gorgeous faux bamboo detail on this set, perfect for a gentleman's bedroom.
Another item we have just received in is purely by chance, and is a wonderful item for your larger dolls- such as BJD's who are SD-sized, (60 cm and larger) and also for American Girl, My Twinn, Helen Kish, Madame Alexander, etc.

These little tables are awesome, since they fold up, and can be taken anywhere with your doll, or stored easily, flat. Also a great novelty item. Retail price is quite low- $28.99

Currently we are planning our new stock that is coming in soon- I will be attending Aztec trade show this year and hope to bring back a huge assortment of artisan minis, dollhouses, etc. Watch for these new artisan items that will be arriving soon...

Thank you for shopping with us- and please visit us at the shop!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebration Sale- in our Ebay store!

We are having a Celebration SALE! Here at King William Miniatures & Collectibles, and also one at our Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios ! ALL ITEMS IN THE EBAY SHOP HAVE BEEN MARKED DOWN! PLUS- $5 shipping flat, no matter how much you purchase, In the USA only. This applies to all Bespaq- and I am including the 1:3 scale Bespaq as well- after all- didn't Tyler Wentworth just get married at the Tonner Convention?? Both she and Barbie will need to celebrate by purchasing furniture for those fab new "Dream" apartments they will be living in!
The two pictures above will be included with orders throughout the rest of the year- if you would like me to mail you one, please email me at with your name email and address info and I will send one out to you. Bring your card into the shop and receive and additional 10% off your total purchase until July 13th!!!
We are located at: King William Miniatures & Collectibles Suite B, 6114 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23228 Our hours are 10 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Closed Sunday & Monday.
Visit Facebook and become a fan of our King William Miniatures & Collectibles page- updates, sales info, pictures of products, are also uploaded there occasionally as well!
King William Miniatures & Collectibles facebook page-
Also, visit my 1:6 scale dollhouse blog-
SALE ENDS in our Ebay store and IN-store July 13, 2009! Barbie and all doll clubs, miniature clubs are welcome!
Happy July Fourth!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New items at King William Miniatures....

We have some beautiful items displayed in our shop at King William Miniatures & Collectibles! Where else could you visit and see One of a Kind Bespaq prototype pieces- of museum quality?

Prototype pieces are exactly that- when the owner of Bespaq, Pit Ginsburg, decided to create a piece, he usually had a prototype so he could 'tweak' the design, cost, etc. before manufacturing a large quantity of the item. For whatever reason, many of these pieces were not reproduced at the time the prototype was created- hence we have these lovely pieces for sale & on display in our shop. *The Piano & chair are already sold.* The curio cabinet, ($300.00 ) & the hat vanity- ($550.00) are still available. These items are for pickup only, due to the fragile nature of them.

The hat vanity comes in three pieces- the stool, mirror, and vanity. The mirror slips into a slot at the back, and the hat racks slide into a predrilled hole on the side of the mirror. Total height of item assembled is 26 inches high, 17 1/2 inches wide. This would probably work for dolls 22 inches and larger, especially the BJD's.

We have uploaded many new items on our website, so please browse! I have received in alot of new carpets that I am still doing inventory on, and the carpets have new colors, new period designs, and are beautiful! (These are also available on our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios at )

Plus, Bespaq's newest affordable line of furniture sets- PARK LANE is here! All sets are 1:12 scale.

Shown are pics of some of the sets we have- Andrews study set, Andrews dining room, Clemson parlor suite, Sweet Cottage nursery set, & the Francine bedroom suite. Can't beat the price plus the packaging is beautiful also! This is just a sample of what is available in our shop, website, and Ebay store!

We have also received in some beautiful premiere sets- these are quite lovely.
Shown here is the Regency game room set, in new walnut finish- 1/12 scale.

We also are expecting in this week (4/13-4/17) FDQ magazine, and currently have in stock- Miniature Collector May 2009 and April 2009, also Jan/Feb & March/April 2009 Dollhouse Miniature Magazine, April 2009 American Miniaturist, and March 2009 issue of American Miniaturist- these are also available for order on our website & Ebay store links.

Please visit our store and shop! You may also bring your dolls to 'try out' the furniture and accessories at the dolly table, for size comparison and fit.