Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moving to a larger store!

Has been a very long time since I last wrote here on the King William Minis blog! Boy, time sure flies!

We have always wanted to enlarge the shop, as we have small space for display, shipping, storage, and so on. Since our lease ends in March, we spoke with the landlord who was enthusiastic at our interest in the former small bridal shop located next to Feathernester's tea room. With some more negotiating, we ended up being able to start work on the move to our new shop, Suite B, 6116 Lakeside Avenue, one door down from us!

1200 square feet is the new shop, and it comes with a display window on the sidewalk. We've already had customers from Feathernester's tea room looking at the wonderful displays.

Chris & my dad finished the partition wall to the office/shipping space in the back and have hung the antique louvered door we found at a discount warehouse. Walls have been painted an eggshell white, but still alot of work to do! Enjoy the pictures- and more coming soon!Pictured here are my husband Chris, admiring his work on the framed partition wall, showing the back of the shipping /office area.