Sunday, August 25, 2013

damaged Bespaq curios and swan vanity on Ebay

I have listed some more damaged Bespaq items on our Ebay Auctions 2 of these are large mahogany curio cabinets, as well as a 1:3 scale walnut swan vanity, damaged. 

curio #3

 curio #4

below- damaged 1:3 scale swan vanity 

 Mirror has come out of frame, mirror frame is very damaged, one leg is off of the vanity and there is a split int he wood on the back.

Happy bidding!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Miniature 1:12 scale glass greenhouse on eBay

I have just listed a small 1:12 scale glass greenhouse structure from my personal collection on Ebay with a low starting bid of 9.99 . This item I purchased years ago in a nursery or plant store in Fredericksburg on a whim to display my miniature statues and wicker with real tiny herbal plants, on my deck. For a few years it was used inside as well to display a miniature Christmas scene, but has mostly sat on the shelf. I have decided to part with it so get it while it is listed! Here are some photos of it. I believe it was originally intended to force small plants as it looks like it is a hothouse type of thing, I had to be careful what I displayed in it with the plants, since it accepted water and moisture. Usually I put only my statues in there.

Measures 16 inches high 10 inches wide 8 1/2 inches deep

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bespaq large curio cabinets on eBay auctions...

I have just listed a couple of intact Bespaq large curio cabinets- one in walnut, one in mahogany on my Ebay Auctions  The walnut curio is on auction for three days ending 8/23, and the Mahogany curio is on auction ending 8/25. Both have low starting bids of 9.99

Keep in mind I do not combine curio cabinets because of their size, weight and fragility. Shipping is high because of how much packaging material they require with bubble, paper and peanuts. I purchase special boxes not found ones or used boxes, to ship my curios in.

Both are intact except for loose panel glass and veneer stripping that holds the door glass in place, one has a crack on the back, the mahogany one has the wood frame seperating on the back from the frame. Both measure 19 1/2 inches high 12 inches wide and 5 inches deep. All glass shelves, glass panels and mirror backs are intact.

Here are some photos of the two-

Both of these curios on auction are labeled #1 as I think I have more curios that I will also be listing as I go thru the stack. 

If you are looking for simply parts, such as the glass panels, mirror backs, or other pieces, I have a whole pile of pieces from curios that are too damaged to list since they are simply in pieces and have come apart, not necessarily broken but the glue has dried and the wood pieces are unadhered. You can Email me and describe what pieces you are looking for- usually the large curios are big enough if you simply want something that will work for either a 1:6, 1:4 scale or 1:3 scale diorama.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

New auctions- Antique Tea sets and some doll items too!

We have a large variety of items up- and some doll items too. I am also selling some Gene outfits as I go thru my stash. I sold all of my Genes a long time ago, but have a couple of their outfits about. 

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Here are the Gene outfits- Baking Cookies with its box and documentation as well as Ivy Jordan Vee for tea

I am also beginning listing a very large collection of Moriage Lithophane Dragonware from preoccupied Japan. This is a huge collection with several lovely and rare or hard to find pieces.Here is a description of what lithophane means-

Lithophane- comes from the Greek litho meaning light in stone . Lithophanes are porcelain castings which when you first see them they appear to be nothing more than uneven surfaces forming a vague picture. Held up to the light,  you see the shades of lightness and dark.

the Sake tea set, which is known as a 'Whistling Bird' tea set as when the liquid is poured from the teapot it 'whistles' is an unusual and hard to find item. The cups have lithophane images of the 'common' Geisha on the bottom of the cup unseen until you hold the cup up to the light to see the geisha .

Shown above are the Dragonware serving bowl as well as a hard to find cigarette case with two ashtrays. Yes, these were used for that. All the pieces have the flying dragon in smoke grey and black color, with blue eyes. They were purchased I would estimate around 50+ years ago in preoccupied Japan

Also listed- an antique salt or pepper shaker Aunt Jemima, also pre occupied Japan on auctino as well. Lovely piece to decorate the kitchen with if you are into vintage.

Also listed are the teapot with sugar bowl and creamer, this large platter or tray which I believe the teaset sat on, as well as a single chipped teacup and saucer, 9.99 and a set of the wide mouthed teacups and saucers too.

I have more I am cataloging and listing of this collection. My husband and I have a large antique porcelain collection and are downsizing as it takes up so much display room in our home. The porcelain collection belonged to my husband from his parents, who traveled a great deal and lived for time in China, pre occupied Japan as well as Hawaii before settling down to live in Stafford Virgnia outside of Washington D.C. where they worked. Though my husband and I have enjoyed it, we have decided to sell the items so someone else can enjoy them. 

The collection has only been displayed, these items were never used to our knowledge or within my husband's memory, only for display. 

I also have plates, salad or luncheon plates, more teacups and saucers (smaller mouth) as well as dessert bowls or plates to list and catalogue as well, so stay tuned for more items to come. All above are currently listed. Thank you for browsing!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

1:12 scale greenhouses from my collection listed...

Hi Everyone. I am again cleaning out my 1:12 scale structure collection and moving on some items that just shelf sit, which I created a few years ago. I also have some large scale Bespaq listed, as well as more china and crystal items.
Ebay auction link -HERE
Ebay store link-HERE           King William Miniatures website
The first structure is on a piece of MDF board, and is a hallmark greenhouse customized with weathered brick on the exterior and interior and walkway. Landscaped entirely with natural materials- very fragile and the trees are easily broken, but still in good condition. The front was originally landscaped for a vegetable garden. It has an angel with a wishing ball and rocks on one side. Plants are handmade and are glued onto the shelves inside. 
starting bid is 9.99 item measures 11 inches high 24 inches long 15 inches wide

Witches' greenhouse or potion shack. Another Hallmark greenhouse that has been completely aged and has faux stained glass done on transparency film with liquid lead and glass paints by me. I also used a piece of masonite for the base, which I handsculpted a paperclay stone floor. Climbing vines, moss on the pebble stonework on the exterior also add to the aged feel. I also have added spiderwebs at the corners. 
Roofs on both of the greenhouses lift off. Door has been aged and doorknob rusted, along with a weathered gargoyle statue guarding the door. 11 inches high, 9 1/2 inches long
starting bid 9.99 

Enjoy the bidding!