Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bespaq large curio cabinets on eBay auctions...

I have just listed a couple of intact Bespaq large curio cabinets- one in walnut, one in mahogany on my Ebay Auctions  The walnut curio is on auction for three days ending 8/23, and the Mahogany curio is on auction ending 8/25. Both have low starting bids of 9.99

Keep in mind I do not combine curio cabinets because of their size, weight and fragility. Shipping is high because of how much packaging material they require with bubble, paper and peanuts. I purchase special boxes not found ones or used boxes, to ship my curios in.

Both are intact except for loose panel glass and veneer stripping that holds the door glass in place, one has a crack on the back, the mahogany one has the wood frame seperating on the back from the frame. Both measure 19 1/2 inches high 12 inches wide and 5 inches deep. All glass shelves, glass panels and mirror backs are intact.

Here are some photos of the two-

Both of these curios on auction are labeled #1 as I think I have more curios that I will also be listing as I go thru the stack. 

If you are looking for simply parts, such as the glass panels, mirror backs, or other pieces, I have a whole pile of pieces from curios that are too damaged to list since they are simply in pieces and have come apart, not necessarily broken but the glue has dried and the wood pieces are unadhered. You can Email me and describe what pieces you are looking for- usually the large curios are big enough if you simply want something that will work for either a 1:6, 1:4 scale or 1:3 scale diorama.

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