Friday, June 28, 2013

New items up on Ebay auction- Bespaq Louis XV armchairs

New items up on Ebay- some damaged Bespaq Louis XV armchairs! Right now I've listed three Louis XV armchairs by Bespaq, 1:3 scale, on 3, 5, & 7 day auctions. These armchairs are walnut with gilt finish. Low starting bids of 9.99, but get 'em while you can, these are some of the last TWO Boxes of these chairs. Once they are gone, they're gone.

REMEMBER- Our  Ebay auction link is HERE  ! I have 50+ auctions listed and I list more each day or relist them if they end! 

Chair #1- has one broken armrest 3 day auction

Chair #2 has two broken armrests, one leg is shorter than the others 5 day auction

       chair #3 has both armrests broken off, but they have their peg joinery so this should be a fairly simple glue repair.

I have begun to do a major housecleaning on my other private collections of crystal, china , pottery and glass. I am also including a great deal of Avon Collectibles, as well as Princess House china and Lenox crystal.
Up for me is a personal auction- as my mother asked me to sell some of her Avon representative pins- I have a lot on a 7  day auction now. My mother sold Avon on and off for about 20+ years, but from the early 80's thru 1992? I think she did it non-stop when I was ateen. (One of my jobs in the mornings on Saturday was to get up and lug the Avon order boxes in that UPS Delivered that morning. Most of Saturday was spent by Mom packing her orders and delivering them that day or the rest of the week and collecting funds. This was in the good ole days before the internet and Paypal.)
My mother was in the President's club for well over 10 years- and sales for a member who was in the President's club had to total $7000?? I think over a year or more. There were different levels. This auction of 24 pins are a combination of her rewards for reaching certain goals, or pins for selling a certain promotional item and that sort of thing. This auction for this lot of 24 pins that are rare, as only AVON President's club members received them astarts at 14.99 for 7 days

I have also begun to list some of my other Avon collectibles as well as Princess House china. My mother was a big collector of Princess House as were our friends and relatives and we knew a couple of the representatives and attended and gave a few of these parties so I had a big oppurtunity to collect the Fantasia dinnerware and Heritage items.

Avon Provencal 11 piece rooster cookie jar, salt and pepper shaker, and sugar bowl and creamer set

Lenox 4 piece balloon wine glasses Color Gems never used

Crown Trent collector's tea cup fine bone china Staffordshire England, commemorates the birth of Prince William with Princess Diana & Prince Charles on it, 

Avon Emerald Accents 4 piece cordial set never used vintage

Antique 50 year old candy dish fine crystal

Princess House Heritage small candy dish

Avon Brien signed nativity set

Orrefors Swedish 'Prelude' crystal wine goblet with original jeweler's blue box Schwarzchild never used

Avon 'Purrfections' collection set- teapot works, sugar bowl and creamer, salt and pepper shakers
never used also

MORE Bespaq items also listed- 

1:3 scale - 2 damaged hat vanities
damaged walnut Bespaq 1:3 hat vanity, mirror broke, legs off

                                Incomplete hat vanity- this is for the vanity part only, which is intact. The mirror was so smashed I am not including it, but this makes a nice buffet for fashion dolls without hte mirror, or could be used as a desk or vanity. Item is intact

Lot of model 1:18 th scale with garage tools, mustang that has working trunk, hood, doors and steering wheel turns the wheels, motorcycle on plastic pedestal. Was originally intended by my husband for a 1:12 scale miniature garage he wished to build, which never got built!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tons of new items on our Ebay auctions!

Tons of new items in our Ebay store as well as on our Ebay Auctions ! 

Here are some of the new goodies, have been going thru literally, buckets of store stock still left over! Alot of dollhouse miniature 1:12 scale building components!

As you many of you may or may not know, I am, or was a huge collector of fine crystal and china- teapots, teacups and saucers, fine bone china, you name it, I had it and still do. I put many of the smaller items on Ebay last year. I decided to clear out the extra items that do not get rotated in my display cabinets and my collections- so I have literally a TON of crystal and china items priced to sell.  1ST Up is Lenox 1999 Color Gems Balloon Wine glasses new in their box with stickers, never used or displayed.Each normally retailed for $72 each, the whole set is on Ebay auction for a much much lower price!

Commemorative teacup by Crown Trent Staffordshire, England commemorating the birth of Prince William with Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Avon Emerald Accents Decanter, tray and 2 cordial glasses display condition

Antique footed pedestal crystal candy /nut serving dish. Over 50 years old that I know of, has been handed down in the family.
Princess House crystal small bowl candy dish
(I have a TON of Princess House that I am cleaning out of my cupboards- so if you need replacement pieces, shop my auctions- all are priced to sell!)

                                     Barbie mug part of a set of four. These were from 2005 or 2006?

Above: Avon vintage Brien signed Nativity, 
Below: Avon Images of Hollywood Judy Garland as Dorothy with Toto from the Wizard of Oz

                                          Antique/vintage Lenox 'Westwind' teacups
Lynne Chase, 'Jaguar Jungle' teacup and saucer, rimmed with 24 kt gold
comes with original Schwarzchild blue jeweler's box

Orrefors Swedish Crystal 'Prelude' wine goblet
comes with original Schwarzchild jeweler's box

Avon vintage 'Purrfection' collection of Kitty teapot, kitty sugar bowl & creamer, with kitty salt and pepper shakers, actually all pieces pour

And believe me there is a ton MORE of items listed as well!

As well as fine collectibles, I am also moving some of my husband's Selkirk Metalbestos Industrial parts vent pipe stock thru my Ebay store as well. These are HVAC parts that are moving at a fraction of the cost on the industrial market due to - hey we're running out of room! For more information on the other hat I wear check out our website on our boiler company at LeoPaul and Associates . When I am not designing and creating in 1:6 scale, or sculpting, I usually am the Director of Operations in our office. Inventory of our parts and service is one hat I usually wear along with the admin part while my husband Chris does service and sales. 
Happy bidding!

Monday, June 3, 2013

New items listed; 1 more day on our 20% off sale!

I have some new items listed, that are damaged. Great prices on these pieces, easily repaired. Visit our Ebay auctions to view these items now.

Also, 1 more day and our 20% Summer Sale ends! Visit our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios to shop our items! Quantities limited on some of these pieces!

broken round 1:4 scale walnut tea table 6 inches high 9 inches wide when repaired

and a damaged walnut 1:4 scale curio cabinet by Bespaq. These items are no longer manufactured.

On another note of Ebay bidders-(otherwise known as malicious bidders-)
Because of some 'bad ebay apples' who have fallen off the bidding tree, I will be blocking those customers I perceive who will be a problem from future bidding. I have had malicious bidders who seem to purchase items only to leave a negative/nuetral feedback when they do not notify me in a timely manner of a problem with their order, nor will they allow me to attempt to make the transaction correct. I am venting here I realize, but this hurts my other customers who like bidding and I am offering these damaged items at a reduced cost. These bidders who have left me 1 negative and 2 nuetrals in the past 60 days know who they are and have been reported to ebay, as well as I have replied to their damaging feedback- BEWARE OF BUYER- (simply click on the feedback they leave for others )What is most irksome is these buyers use ebay feedback extortion in their messages, and for this reason, they have been reported. I am putting this here as I have the ebay id's of these persons, and will give it to those of my Ebay seller colleagues who deal in the fashion doll world so they can effectively be BLOCKED from buying those other wonderful deals they like to bid on. This is my last resort to protect those of my colleagues who deal in 1:6 scale furniture and accesories as well as the 1:4 scale items as well, and these bidders are probably well known on the doll boards. 

All in all, I wish my customers to know that I value them each and everyone, and wish to continue in this wonderful business, but I wish to protect those who sell items from their private collections/ work as artists in the doll community, or who are dealers like me.I enjoy working with my customers and seeing what they do in their scenes, diroamas and collections with the pieces that I make available on the market, and I  have a passion for the doll and miniature community. Thank you all , each of my customers is special to me.