Monday, June 3, 2013

New items listed; 1 more day on our 20% off sale!

I have some new items listed, that are damaged. Great prices on these pieces, easily repaired. Visit our Ebay auctions to view these items now.

Also, 1 more day and our 20% Summer Sale ends! Visit our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios to shop our items! Quantities limited on some of these pieces!

broken round 1:4 scale walnut tea table 6 inches high 9 inches wide when repaired

and a damaged walnut 1:4 scale curio cabinet by Bespaq. These items are no longer manufactured.

On another note of Ebay bidders-(otherwise known as malicious bidders-)
Because of some 'bad ebay apples' who have fallen off the bidding tree, I will be blocking those customers I perceive who will be a problem from future bidding. I have had malicious bidders who seem to purchase items only to leave a negative/nuetral feedback when they do not notify me in a timely manner of a problem with their order, nor will they allow me to attempt to make the transaction correct. I am venting here I realize, but this hurts my other customers who like bidding and I am offering these damaged items at a reduced cost. These bidders who have left me 1 negative and 2 nuetrals in the past 60 days know who they are and have been reported to ebay, as well as I have replied to their damaging feedback- BEWARE OF BUYER- (simply click on the feedback they leave for others )What is most irksome is these buyers use ebay feedback extortion in their messages, and for this reason, they have been reported. I am putting this here as I have the ebay id's of these persons, and will give it to those of my Ebay seller colleagues who deal in the fashion doll world so they can effectively be BLOCKED from buying those other wonderful deals they like to bid on. This is my last resort to protect those of my colleagues who deal in 1:6 scale furniture and accesories as well as the 1:4 scale items as well, and these bidders are probably well known on the doll boards. 

All in all, I wish my customers to know that I value them each and everyone, and wish to continue in this wonderful business, but I wish to protect those who sell items from their private collections/ work as artists in the doll community, or who are dealers like me.I enjoy working with my customers and seeing what they do in their scenes, diroamas and collections with the pieces that I make available on the market, and I  have a passion for the doll and miniature community. Thank you all , each of my customers is special to me.

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