Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Ebay auctions- Summer clearance!

Our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios sales have ended, but the clearance is going on, so there are alot of items on Auction right now. I have moved some store items over to auction, and all auctions start at $9.99 whether damaged or undamaged, as I really need to make room.

 These are a few of the items up on auction, such as the 1:3 scale Louis XV armchair, that is ending in a few hours, no damage and the custom BIjou tea table as well.
Thank you for shopping with us!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blowout Summer sale- $9.99 on starting auctions, 18% off in our Ebay store!

We are in the process of having a blowout summer clearance sale- especially on the large Bespaq I have in stock and which is taking up much needed space! Pumpkin Hill Studios on Ebay (store link) Auction link: 18% off items in our Ebay store with FREE SHIPPING! (Free shipping applies only to the USA, NOT international shipping) $9.99 starting bids on our auctions- this includes Bespaq all scales- 1:12 for the dollhouse, 1:6 for Barbie, 1:3 & 1:4 for fashion dolls such as Tonner, Ellowyne, Sybarites, bjd's , American Girl and more. Examples of flawed/damaged 1:3 scale swan vanities on auction and on sale now- L8915MH Photobucket 1:4 swirl pedestal mh tea table Photobucket walnut square tea table Photobucket 1:3 scale mh swan chair on sale in our ebay store Photobucket on auction, 1:3 scale Louis XV armchair Photobucket Thank you for looking! Lisa King William Miniatures

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Summer Clearance Sale- July 22-25

Yes, another summer clearance sale has begun. These items must move so we can make more room for new items, running out of space!

The new SALE is 18% off all ebay store merchandise, and many of these items are also with FREE SHIPPING. If you remember from my post a few days ago, I had a 20% off sale. Grab the discounts now, before the items are gone.

Sale includes Larger scales of Bespaq, 1:12 scales of Bespaq, as well as 1:24 scales, dollhouse components and accessories, as well as past issues of Miniature Collector Magazine, books, and other items.

We currently , now in July, have in stock for Miniature Collector, August AND September issues- 1-2 months ahead of schedule! As well as June and July which are NOW ON SALE. So buy ALL your issues as well as August and September and I will ship with priority flat rate envelope! This is a great way to save on your magazines!

For our current click- Auctions

Thank you for looking!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

September, August issues of Miniature Collector Magazine in stock!

We now have September issue of Miniature Collector Magazine in stock now in our Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios, as well as August, July and some June issues still left.

Click HERE to buy September issue.

Also, don't forget our 20% off SALE ENDS JULY 21ST- Only a few more items left in our clearance sale! SALE
Click HERE for Auctions
Thank you!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20% OFF Sale in my Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios

I am having a 20% off sale in my Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios
some of these Ebay store items have FREE SHIPPING as well as 20% off !
I really need to make room on my shelves, in order to make room for more products.

Items include- dollhouse building components, Large scales of Bespaq- 1:6, 1:4, & 1:3 , as well as dollhouse miniature Bespaq (1:12) past issues of Miniature Collector as well as Custom Bespaq by me as shown above.

Sale lasts July 17th thru July 21st. Many of these items I only have 1 of in stock at the moment, so shop my deals now!
Don't forget our Ebay Auctions
Thank you for shopping with us! Lisa

Friday, July 13, 2012

New items in my Etsy store- and more Custom work!

Hi all. Besides working on more Custom Bespaq- I have been in a creative overdrive lately! I have put some listings in my Etsy store Pumpkin Hill Studios on Etsy as well. I would like to sell more thru Etsy, but it is a different sort of promotion since everything is handmade, unlike Ebay, where everything can be sold.

I just listed the 1:4 scale custom Swan vanity there, with blue lined drawer interior and blue tassels, gold ormalu. I am hoping to add more custom Bespaq there, as well as some of my jewelry pieces I have been working on too. Please add my shop to your favorites on Etsy, I would really appreciate it.

I have been working on and off on another custom piece, which is not yet finished, a sort of unusual decor style but inspired by tons of movies with Cleopatra- the chair will be an Egyptian type throne chair, in 1:4 scale.

Here are some pics of the item in my Etsy store-

and here are some other items just listed on Pumpkin Hill Studios on Ebay

The 1:3 scale swan chair is in our Ebay store along with the matching 1:3 scale swan vanity, both have free shipping and I will combine those items. This is the only intact swan chair in this scale I have currently found. The rocking chair, Victorian side chair and the flawed swan vanity are all on auction. I have also added some undamaged buy it now pieces in the Ebay store as well.
Enjoy, and please don't forget to shop my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Palais collection~ Custom Bespaq by Atelier Lisa

I have been working very hard on some custom pieces of Bespaq, customizing them into what I refer to as the Palais collection, of Atelier Lisa, as I style it.

So far, I have about four custom Bijou tea tables up on Ebay auction right now, in both 1:4 scale and 1:6 scales.

In my Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios I currently have two pieces- 1:4 scale hat vanity and 1:4 scale swan vanity, Bespaq. You can look under the 1:4 scale Bespaq catagory or Custom Bespaq in our Ebay store.

Here are the photos of my two newest pieces, hat vanity and swan vanity, just listed, and with FREE SHIPPING in the USA only. The Bijou tea tables are on auction and require paid shipping costs..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Custom 1:6 scale Bespaq Bijou tea tables on auction...

For our Ebay auctions, click here

The two Bespaq Bijou tea tables are each customized and in 1:6 scale. The first one is mahogany with gold embellishment and the 2nd one is walnut with silver embellishemnt, for a twist. I also today have lsited a mahogany vanity with slight damage on one of its bracket shelves as well
I have been running behind on listing as much as I should, I have been working on these custom tables as well as a bed in 1:6 scale, a la Marie Antoinette.

Here are some sneaks so far. I still have a huge amount of work to do on the bed itself, as well as the drapes, pillows, trims, and such. You can see in the pictures this is quite a tall bed, as Rock Steady Romain is standing next to it.

Enjoy the pics! For more pictures and progress, follow The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse Blog