Thursday, August 1, 2013

1:12 scale greenhouses from my collection listed...

Hi Everyone. I am again cleaning out my 1:12 scale structure collection and moving on some items that just shelf sit, which I created a few years ago. I also have some large scale Bespaq listed, as well as more china and crystal items.
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The first structure is on a piece of MDF board, and is a hallmark greenhouse customized with weathered brick on the exterior and interior and walkway. Landscaped entirely with natural materials- very fragile and the trees are easily broken, but still in good condition. The front was originally landscaped for a vegetable garden. It has an angel with a wishing ball and rocks on one side. Plants are handmade and are glued onto the shelves inside. 
starting bid is 9.99 item measures 11 inches high 24 inches long 15 inches wide

Witches' greenhouse or potion shack. Another Hallmark greenhouse that has been completely aged and has faux stained glass done on transparency film with liquid lead and glass paints by me. I also used a piece of masonite for the base, which I handsculpted a paperclay stone floor. Climbing vines, moss on the pebble stonework on the exterior also add to the aged feel. I also have added spiderwebs at the corners. 
Roofs on both of the greenhouses lift off. Door has been aged and doorknob rusted, along with a weathered gargoyle statue guarding the door. 11 inches high, 9 1/2 inches long
starting bid 9.99 

Enjoy the bidding!

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