Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Ebay auctions up- Updates on Bespaq furniture

I have listed the square mahogany 'fancy' 1:6 scale Bespaq tea tables on Ebay- as well as Etsy and my website. Don't forget that you can order any of the large scales of Bespaq privately by Email me with your order if you dislike ordering thru Ebay, Etsy or websites. I am currently out of the 1:6 scale french tea tables I think, but have a ton of the 1:4 scale cheval mirrors in either Mahogany or walnut- $50 each. 

I am currently slowly getting on a catch up basis and have listed some items on auction and released the hold on the Ebay store listings- so you can now purchase, even though the Ebay store is still on vacation listings. Sometimes we just need time to 'breathe' from the stress and I was stressing over working on the commission work as well as orders. 

Here are some of the items newly listed-

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  1. Delightful products. The designs are quite new to me which is very interesting. Think I'll purchase some of those but I want to see more first. :)