Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Item in our Premiere Bespaq line that have arrived....

We have had some wonderful new items arrive from Bespaq, in the Premiere line. They are currently available on our Website, our Ebay store, Pumpkin Hill Studios The first is the Chesterfield sofa set, 4 pieces, upholstered in a soft black leather, with new walnut finish, this is sold as a set. The next is Bespaq's 'Rochelle' ladies' desk set, with a rich mahogany finish and gilt trim on the desk and chair. Finally, the 'McComber' faux bamboo bedroom suite, this can be sold as a set, or individually if you prefer. Gorgeous faux bamboo detail on this set, perfect for a gentleman's bedroom.
Another item we have just received in is purely by chance, and is a wonderful item for your larger dolls- such as BJD's who are SD-sized, (60 cm and larger) and also for American Girl, My Twinn, Helen Kish, Madame Alexander, etc.

These little tables are awesome, since they fold up, and can be taken anywhere with your doll, or stored easily, flat. Also a great novelty item. Retail price is quite low- $28.99

Currently we are planning our new stock that is coming in soon- I will be attending Aztec trade show this year and hope to bring back a huge assortment of artisan minis, dollhouses, etc. Watch for these new artisan items that will be arriving soon...

Thank you for shopping with us- and please visit us at the shop!

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