Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lotsa Stuff Ebay Auctions July 29-thru August 6th!

I have LOADS of stuff listed- and once again I am cleaning out my doll display room- so am listing some odds and ends in miniature- components, dollhouse furniture, at 1.99-9.99 in small lots. Also, two RARE Xavier Roberts 'Little People' dolls that are 26-28 years old. Here we go-

Remember- our Auctions are at the same link!

Xavier Roberts BRONZE Edition cabbage patch girl- 'Hilaire Zeta' (adopted from JC Penney Toy department in 1985-86? at Regency Square shopping mall in Richmond, Va.)
Xavier Roberts BRONZE Edition cabbage patch boy- "Herbert Russell' (adopted directly at the main Babyland General Hospital 1983 in Cleveland Georgia)

damaged Bespaq
1:3 scale damaged french armchair
flawed display Bespaq
1:4 walnut hat vanity- intact, only two small cracks on front of mirror
1:4 scale mahogany rocking chair- one rocker needs glue repair intact

Breyer 'Spirit' Classics walmart model horse
miniature lot of 2 1:12 scale kitchen tables
Lemax lot of 2 battery powered flickering tree. unopened bag of autumn leaves

Designer homes staircase kit of 2 stairs 1:12 scale
Lot of 2 dollhouse components chimney roof and sheet plastic brick- 4 sheets 1:12 scale

We have also had new items come in that are in stock!

Miniature Collector Magazine September issue- $6.99 on sale now!
1:6 scale Houseworks componets- cross buck door and also traditional hung windows- in stock now!

Keep watch on our auctions- I am listing new and old items daily- many at low starting bids!

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