Friday, February 24, 2012

New items in 1:6 & 1:4 scale on auction -3day auctions running!

These items listed yesterday on 3 day AUCTIONS this link goes to all of my ebay auctions. I am running 3 & 5 day auctions, some will be ending today or tomorrow. Here are some other items-

I was lucky enough to come across more 1:6 scale French tea tables in stock- as well as the 1:4 scale bijou tea tables- this one is flawed shown, and the 1:4 scale bergere chairs!

AS well as the 1:4 scale swan vanity chairs! This chair matches the swan vanity, and I have also shown how it works well with the Fashion Royalty dolls as a 'grand' palace chair or throne type chair.
I will be listing more Bespaq intact as well as flawed, currently going thru several boxes.
I also have other items I am selling to make room in our home- from my miniature reference library are resource books as well.

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