Thursday, January 26, 2012

Leekeworld Doll Project Rainy...relisted on ebay- todayMore dolls listed!

Leekeworld doll project event doll (Feb 16-March 20) has been relisted today 1/26 for five days- ending on 1/31/12 at 9.99 low starting bid. NO RESERVE
Click here for the auction link to ALL of our dolly auctions...

Also listed are other bjd's such as-
Dollfactory Bebe Polar bear- 9.99 low starting bid

Goodreau MSD Dorothy bjd- comes with two wigs- factory restyled wig, and a special order blonde mohair wig by Den of Angels artisan Mimi, plus red glitter boots. Doll has what appears to be a string ing flaw on her legs, but will stand.

I also have alot of Silkstone Barbies, with their outfits, boxes, stands, and Silkstone Soiree, never removed from her box. As well as Gene and Tonner dolls up as well for low starting bids of 9.99 on 5 and 7 day auctions. Please check the above link as I have too many dolls to show pictures of! I am having to clean out my doll collection and take care of medical bills from last year, I am still downsizing my collection and deciding on what I can part with, for I have many props I need to move as well. Space is so limited for display.
Thank you for looking at my auction link-

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