Friday, September 16, 2011

New items on my Etsy store Pumpkin Hill Studios

I have listed some of my artisan creations onmy Etsy Store Pumpkin Hill Studios . First, is my Miniature 1:12 scale Steampunk Tea table and I have included here on my blog new updated pics! I made this item a couple of months ago, and meant to list it, but have to admit I was somewhat attached to it- it was the first time in a long time I had had time to honestly create in 1:12 scale again, and I loved the piece. Now that I have other artisan items I am working on, it is time for this item to be enjoyed by a collector. Price on the Steampunk miniature tea table is $49.99 plus shipping.
Item comes with the tea table, which has a birds' eye maple veneer tabletop, handlaid by me. Has a high gloss finish in keeping with the look for Steampunk. Copper tea cannister sits on a clear 'tank' with gears and 'hot boiling' water simulated liquid, does not open. A 'stream' of liquid comes out of the spout of the tea cannister and is poured into one of the teacups on the etagere, which holds pastries and teacups and a spoon on its acrylic clear shelves, with gears . Etagere, pastries, are also made by me. Accessories also include two glass cannisters with knives and forks glued, and three spoons loose to place as you wish on the table. The teacup holder has white teacups adhered to it, and is made by me as well with a gear base.
The Halloween Goofy Pumpkin Ornament is something I made recently, when experimenting with paperclay. I love love working with paperclay. The ornament comes with a 4 inch black ribbon that can be adjusted, attached to a brass loop ring on the top of the ornament. Bottom of the ornament also has a flat opening, so you can place the goofy pumpkin on a flat stick or dowel to place in a flowerpot, or within a pumpkin if you wish.
Ornament priced at $6.99

Enjoy the listings on my Etsy store- and bookmark me into your favorites, or add me to your circle- I will add you to mine! More nifty halloween items coming soon!

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