Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Christmas in July ornaments!

You may have noticed that we are decorating for Christmas in July! I couldn't resist....especially when our new dollhouse/doll/miniature themed ornaments arrived last week! It has been on my list to do to show collectors how to display their collections, whatever they may collect to advantage in their homes. I have done this for many years myself, and thought what better way than to showcase the shop with some of our antiques, linens, and dolls plus the merchandise!? Since we had a small amount of the ornaments arrive, I used two small trees, and our foldable table to create depth and height where needed. The trees are 2 ft and 4 ft high. The large doll is dressed in an antique dress off of Ebay that was for a child in the early 1900's, she is from my own collection- we call her the 'Big Amanda' doll after my daughter Amanda. The Westie stuffed dog is Melissa & Doug and is for sale in our shop & on our website and Ebay store. Baskets hold the excess porcelaine ornaments.
I have kept to a main color palette for summer-using cream, white, pastel pink & blues, as  burgundy, gold, green would have been far too heavy for summer decor.  The Big Amanda doll's hat and dress mixes into the cream/white palette, with shades of pastel blue and pink, with gold and silver accents, which the angel ornaments are used for. The draping is a cream damask tablecloth that is quite large, and covers the stackable folding tables and display unit the trees sit on. The picture carries the Victorian era theme over and compliments the display perfectly- I did this display in an hour- hanging the ornaments took me the longest. This display it is possible to leave up in your display/doll area/room all year, and display your finest pieces or ornaments. The tree can be changed for seasons, themes, or holidays, and add interest to your room or display area with the soft white lights on the trees. I chose the Victorian era as my focal theme as I can do so much with this decor period.  Doll or miniature trees add a timeless look, and if you have as many ornaments & dolls as I do, pressing them into service for decorating the tree is the next step to getting them out of those boxes!
Shop in our store now for marvelous items to begin your Christmas decorating! We are also planning our Yuletide Festival of Lights Tour & Dinner- Year 2! Check our website in August for more details on this splendid Christmas event!

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