Thursday, January 16, 2014

Large scale and small scales Bespaq at auction now!

I have some new items listed as I have been going through the leftover items before going to the warehouse for more. 2 curios in mahogany and walnut are listed, as well as a couple of 1:12 scale items too. I also have some handmade 1:6 scale bread boards on auction with free shipping too.
Here are some of the items on our Ebay auctions listed now!

Among some of the auction items are also a Vera Bradley cross body style purse, gently used. 
I have been sorting through some items and wanted to make everyone aware I am also branching out into BOOKS. So please check out over 20+ titles in our Books catagory ! All of my books have free shipping and I check to make sure spines are not broken, or there are no tears or stains or writing in them. Some are library discontinued books, but all are priced much more reasonably than buying at a used book store- plus free shipping! Below are some of the items newly listed. I am also listing my dollhouse miniature magazines from my personal collection in storage at the low price of each issue $1.99 plus shipping. (I'd give 'em away, but my husband won't let me! LOL! Joke of the day!) 
I keep my books in mint condition as much as possible, so there are really great deals on my selection of books. I will be adding more to this catagory. Dollhouse miniature magazines can be found HERE  tHANK YOU for shopping in my Ebay store and on my auctions!

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