Monday, February 3, 2014

New books and magazines listed with free shipping!

I have been clearing out my book and magazine collection as it has over taken space ! I have new sub-catagories in my Ebay store with non-fiction, fiction, children's, history, craft/hobby and so on as well as the dollhouse miniature magazine. Most of the miniature magazines like Dollhouse Miniatures, American Miniaturist, Miniature Collector are back issues and run 1.99 plus shipping first class. Books I give free shipping via media mail, parcel post or first class, whatever is cheapest cost for me. I am attempting to keep prices low with free shipping as I feel these books are from my own collection and I am honest if there are any rubs, stains, etc - usually there aren't as I take very good care of my books. 
Here is what has just been listed- and I have more to list today!!

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