Friday, September 6, 2013

More Large Scale Bespaq items listed on Ebay...

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As I wind down through the leftover stock, we are coming to an end  on some of the more popular items, however I do have many curio cabinets left. Here is what we have on auction. Please understand- I have EXTREMELY limited quantities of the swan and hat vanities- I do not always have them intact- so my advice is to buy them when they are listed and use a little love and care and glue and repair them. I do not always have them in stock INTACT. These items are nearly vintage, being made in the late 1990's and are NO LONGER MANUFACTURED. Once the items are gone, they are gone.

Below are some of the items ending in a few hours today, or in a 3-5 days. The Victorian sidechair ends today I know within a few hours. Check out our link above!

Thank you for browsing our Ebay auctions- I will be listing MORE large scale Bespaq items with damage today and this weekend.

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  1. Please do post some more because you have a good collection of miniature furnitures that I haven't seen before. Quite classic really which is why it is so incredibly done despite the damage.