Thursday, April 7, 2011

Capital Doll Club meeting Presentaton

Me holding my premiere piece, 1:6 scale wingchair 'Red Dragon'

rare 1:6 scale prototype piece, French tea table from my collection, never manufactured in this finish

A 1:4 scale sofa by Jim Coates Miniatures, gift to me from the artist.

On Tuesday, April 5th, I presented a program for the Capital doll club at their regular stated meeting. I had been asked by Linda Labelle to do the program, and the members were excited about it. Many people know that I am one of the few dealers who specialize in the large scale Bespaq, and have worked with Bespaq in the design and manufacture of my own pieces for my company, King William Miniatures. I have to say it is one of the most exciting and stimulating parts of the doll business- bringing a piece to life and seeing people enjoy and appreciate your work.  I took a few samples of my work, the line itself, and also a few rare pieces. The club met at Westminister Canterbury, a retirement community near Lakeside, in Richmond.

I spoke briefly a little on the history of Bespaq, and its owner, Pit Ginsburg, and the quirky way I came to design my wingchairs in 1:6 scale, and my love of doll collecting. I had brought various samples of dolls to show the scale comparison and the wide ability of 'play' factor that large scale Bespaq has, depending on your size & type of doll.  The members had fun, and I have to say, so did I! 
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Enjoy the pics!

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