Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Honor of the Royal Wedding....tea anyone?

In Honor of the Royal wedding between Prince William & Kate Middleton, (now the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge) I decided to post some pics of the happy couple & my commemorative teacup set which was made when Prince William was born. It seems like only yesterday that Diana herself was walking down the aisle, how time flies. I was sixteen when I watched the first Royal wedding. It is wonderful to see such two happy people in love.

Above, my own 'tiara' from my wedding, Swarvorski- Kate's was the 'real'
At this point I should explain a bit about the name of my business, King William Miniatures. I have to say this is a happy coincidence, but no, I did not name it after Prince William, but the county in Virginia where I reside, King William County. It was given a charter by King William and Queen Mary of England in the early? 1700's or late 1690's...(before the revolution) and we as a county have the distincition of having one of the oldest working/functioning courthouses in the USA. Many of the old  families have charters for their land/farms or plantations, such as the one down the road, called Queensfield. It is a lovely place to live....

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