Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Loads of New Auctions up!

We have loads of new Bespaq large scale furniture auctions up- shown here are just a couple of items that were displays inour previous brick & mortar shop, King William Miniatures & Collectibles.

Also I am listing this handpainted Crackle glass votive lamp, made in Romania as well. Sadly, I am stuffed to the gills, and hubby and I have decided to clear out items out of our home that simply are not used that much anymore. It was a wedding present years ago, but we'd like for it to go to someone who can use it. Looks lovely with a flickering votive in it, on a tea table.

We have alot  alot more auctions. I am beginning to go through the boxes of display items from the shop, so many of these items will not have a box. Our RV camper is packed to the gills in the bay, and I nee d to clean it out before July! So please watch our Ebay auction  link in your favorites!

*Note: Ebay is now changing policies, yet again, so therefore, so do I. I will no longer be combining shipping with Ebay auctions on Ebay store items. I am slowly moving ebay store items over to Free shipping status, depending on what it is. Also, we are now on automatic resolution- this means you must pay for your items within 7 business days in order for that item not to go into unpaid item resolution. This keeps Ebay happy, and our books much more straight as well. Though I like being as helpful as possible with my customers, items unpaid for three weeks on end to combine auctions, store iems, was getting not only confusing, but hard to keep track of. Please keep this in mind when bidding on our items, and let me know via email if you are goingto have a problem paying within 7 business days.*

Thank you!~Lisa

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