Monday, April 23, 2012

Bespaq 1:3 scale fireplaces on Ebay!

Click HERE  for our  auction link!

I was lucky enough while going thru the warehouse to find 2 1:3 scale FIREPLACES!
Yep, I know I thought we were out, but I was so lucky to find these two. They are up on Auction now! Both have the piece intact, the only thing needing glue repair on these two beauties is the carved post embellishments. One ends in 5 days, the other in 7 days.

I have also shown a damaged 1:3 scale Louis XV chair, as well as an intact one , also on auction with the fireplace for size and display comparisons. I also came across one intact but flawed 1:4 scale Queen Ann sidechair! Lots of good items up on auction, visit our auction link!

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