Thursday, September 20, 2012

Roomboxes, roomboxes ...on Auction

I have been working on cleaning out items left over from when King William Miniatures was an actual , lovely shop that you could visit. We still have many items in storage from when the shop closed, that were displays, etc. I had to close the shop because of expenses were greater than the income coming in....sad but true. What I have up today are roomboxes.

First two, are from my personal collection when I began collecting and creating. All the roomboxes are priced at $9.99  Click HERE to view our Ebay auctions that are current

The first one is Le Parfum, done in a pink and white finish with crackle weathering on interior and exterior. This comes with the two shelves and counter, filled to the brim with perfume bottles and trays, jewelry, fans all glued in place.

the next one is an Empire bedroom, with the exteriors decorated in a pale green sage stucco, with exposed aged brick. The interior is decorated with a matching toile wallpaper and comes with a bed and chair and handmade overhang, and pictures on the walls, also created by me. Only thing wrong with it is the satin drape behind the bed is loose and needs to be reglued in place, as the mirror is sagging. the pictures are hung with silk ribbon ties and there is a portrait in a green frame of the Empress Eugenie of France.

I also have a Real Good toys assembled 1:12 scale corner roombox that was a display from our shop, very sturdily made and great for a small corner display. The lid comes off and the plexi front comes out of the grooved front too for easy decorating.

Please check out our other auctions we also have some large scale Bespaq items on auction as well!

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