Sunday, September 30, 2012

Roomboxes on Ebay auctions!

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I have alot of cleaning out of personal items from my collection and old store displays from when our shop closed in 2011. Some of these items are roomboxes, assembled and half finished.

First up is the Real Good Toys corner roombox, 1:12 scale and it is tapewired with a light on the lid/ceiling. $9.99 low starting bid, ends 10/

nEXT up is the North Carolina state day roombox, unfinished. I had finished everything almost, but putting a lid on it. I believe the pieces I had for this were lost or broken, and I never finished the roombox- the theme was a winery/wine cellar. $9.99 low starting bid or BIN $29

Also listed is a lot of Cirkit and Classics wiring dollhouse components- tapewire, 3 volt wire, punch needles 9.99 low starting bid, packages unopened. More items to come!

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