Monday, October 1, 2012

1:12 scale dollhouses & roomboxes on Ebay auction!

I have recently just listed some smaller roomboxes, vignettes and cottages from my personal 1:12 scale miniature collection as well as from the shop stock, still in storage. While I loved building these items, there simply isn't room to display all of them adequately, so that is why I am selling them at reasonable costs, with low starting bids and also offering a Buy It now cost. Many of these items are N.A.M.E. (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) state day projects that I loved & enjoyed doing.

Here is the link to our Ebay auctions: HERE

(and finally, on a gentle reminder to those that shop on Ebay- please be sure you wish to purchase the item. Listing and taking photos and writing the descriptions is time consuming and work, as well as figuring shipping and invoicing the customer. Please do not purchase and then within 15 minutes or 10 days ask me to cancel a transaction. I will block these bidders who do this, as my time is valuable. I apologize for this statement, to all of my wonderful customers who do shop regularly with us on Ebay & our Website. )

Here are the photos-

First up is the North Carolina State day fairytale cottage from 2007- or 2008, I cannot honestly remember   Exterior is done in paperclay, in a lavender acrylic, hence the name 'Miss Lavender's tea room' shingles are also handsculpted paperclay. Landscaping is all done by me as well. Miss Lavender is a Marcia Backstrom doll from a doll kit she offered I also painted, wigged and dressed her as well as made the two tea tables with treats, hutch, etc.

Next is a miniature 1:12 scale tiled patio with hot tub/spa . I scratch built this using a wood base and two pieces from an antique bamboo birdcage. The plant bed is handsculpted by me out of paperclay, tile is glass mosaic tile handlaid and hand cut by me as well in a wonderful pattern. Hot tub is from a modeler's kit weathered and painted by me. I also made the grapevine going up near the hot tub.

Next up is a 1:24 (half inch) unfinished thatched cottage. This was created from a Michael's puzzle house for my Realpuki tiny bjd, Wren shown in the photos. She decided she wanted to live in one of the antique dollhouses, so this is now for auction 9without doll) Exterior and roof is done in paperclay brick and paperclay thatch- the thach is only half finished. interior is white walls with dark stained floors.

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